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So we've been in our new house for two weeks now and we've had some time to actually relax. I was very lucky to have the in-laws in town from PA to help DB with a lot of the house since I was gone for most of the day and trying to adjust to my new schedule. I would leave by 5:30 AM and the house looked completely different by the time I got home at 7:30 PM. Items were unpacked, the house was spotless, the yard was tranformed and Bevo was well-taken cared of and spoiled. I owe them so much gratitude. I know that if we were in the house for a month already, we wouldn't be nearly as settled in as we currently are.

With really only 2-3 hours of time to relax at home before hitting the sheets during the week, I have no time to hit the gym. The closest location to my house for my current gym membership is 28 miles away. I do drive past it on my way home everyday but since there's a limited time at home with DB, going to the gym the two days a week he coaches isn't worth the $26/month I was paying. I know I wouldn't make it out there on the weekends every week day. When driving so much during the week, I'm enjoying being in my new town. I have to give my Si a break.

I noticed that there's a chain of gyms within walking distance from home. I checked out the web site and they have quite a bit of cool amenities including a pool, sauna and classes that will fit my schedule during the week. I could at least hit the gym 4 times a week but it was $35/month plus the $120 registration fee.

Since we just moved in, I think I'm going to try doing without a gym for a bit and see how I do. And, it'll also save us $35/month. Saving money is always good. My #gymstatus is no more, as Nikki Galladay Tweets occasionally from my guilty pleasure, The Bad Girls Club. (Met her, yup!) I was able to do sit-ups and tricep dips while watching last night's episode. I am trying to jog farther with Bevo when I take him to go potty around the neighborhood and DB just put air in our bike tires so I definitely need to ride my bike more. It was a gift and I should really take advantage of having one. I think our chains are a bit rusted so we need to get that fixed. And I'm getting my own P90X videos because they sure did kick my butt! I definitely want to hike Mt. Diablo someday soon. My sister did it years ago and came home super dark! I'll be caking on the sunblock.

Perhaps I'll get a NextGen group together and do it. I will definitely be staying on my BeeMWellness products because I know they work!

Wish me luck!

How do you balance staying fit and your personal/work schedule?


  1. Like you, I only have a few hours at home. And that's pretty much taken up with chores and such. Unlike you I don't have to leave the house as early, so my day start with a workout or running at 5:15am.

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