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Triggered Memories to "Makita Studio: A Love Letter" & ARC

In response to my cousin's posting Makita Studio: A Love Letter , it triggered a memory and an act of random kindness (ARC from Steve Carrell's Evan Almighty) that happened to me in Sin City of all places. "My ex and I were in Vegas many years ago and we got into a huge fight. I excused myself to the bathroom from the restaurant floor to catch my breath and wipe my tears. I stood in front of the mirror looking down, and the female bathroom attendant, without saying a word, handed me a torn off, folded up piece of paper with "God only gives us what we can handle" handwritten on it. Of course it made me cry even more. I smiled and said 'thank you'. She smiled in return. I still have that piece of paper in a box on my vanity." I probably had the most fun working at City Beach in Fremont, Ca where I wore many hats (Shocker, I know.) The COO actually poached me from my other job and the Restaurant Manager had to hire me. He seemed like a bit unh

3 Events in 3 Weeks

Tonight’s the wedding rehearsal and tomorrow is the wedding. I’ve touched base with the vendors I have worked closely with and the rest is up to the future sister-in-law and the bride. Apparently she has not been told that I am coming tonight or tomorrow. She knows of me but I am not sure if my role is crystal clear to all parties. My goal is to knock it all out tonight at the Decathlon Club . Stay tuned for wedding vendor info from this wedding for your vendor selection process. I came up with the verbiage for the advice cards. I printed them onto card stock the bride has provided me, used the cutting board at work to cut much straighter edges than if I had done them freehand. I also printed the place cards and tied a red ribbon around them. I provided the bride with them last weekend and she was very happy with them. I’m so pleased. The poor thing has been a bit stressed out the last time I saw her and could have really used the help and support of her family. I believe the

AIDS WAlk San Francisco - July 18, 2010

This was my 10th AIDS Walk San Francisco. I’ve always had a goal of becoming a Star Walker but I was never able to raise $1,000. I raised the most I ever had in 2009 at $375, and I just realized that I was only $5 behind this year from that. So I only raised $370. I should have sponsored myself. I did try to raise money by making sugar cookies. I spent one long night making them and putting them in little treat bags with a note as to what the cookies were for, a link to my sponsor page, my Event Planning page and my Wellness International page. I brought a container to work and a small container for DB to take to work as well. Many folks at his office sponsored me and enjoyed the cookies. I was amazed! At my office, everyone ate the cookies but no sponsors. Sheesh! Well, except for AFTER the walk. Someone did make up for everyone’s consumption. It was a lot of work and I think I’ve mastered making the cookies. They were pretty good. As always, the walk was around Golden

WINning Over the Corporate Totem Pole is Appealing

THE BUSINESS WIN is moving along. I’ve decided to invest a little more time into this as an added benefit to tie with my Event Planning services and see where it takes me. I went to another meeting on Saturday morning in San Mateo and met a couple more people and other distributors. They are from all sorts of career backgrounds – Accounting and Finance, Body Builders, Chiropractors, Construction Workers, and even even Housewives. As stated in my earlier posts, this is an MLM company. I dealt with one before and I didn’t like it. Perhaps I’m just gullible but Michael (one of my superiors) made a good point. Corporations are structured the same way, with a hierarchy. Don’t you find yourself at the bottom or near the bottom of the totem pole? This company is structured the same way. One, it has a structure: my boss gets a bonus if I perform well. And I SHOULD be getting training from my boss because they apparently know more than me. When I worked at City Beach, I thought, the

Back to the gym before 6 AM

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am motivated to get back to the gym on a regular basis. My cousin Tiff and my sister have been working out in the morning before work. I used to do that awhile ago. One, my ex didn’t think I could do it and I proved him wrong. Then I stopped doing it because my priorities shifted. Also, Bevo is on a schedule. He gets up when I get up so I didn’t want him to get in the habit of waking up and needing to go potty at 5 AM. I ran him around the complex and that warmed me up real fast. It just feels soooo good to work out in the morning. It wakes me up and gives me so much more energy to last me throughout the day...naturally. I asked my sis to text me when she got up at 5 AM to also motivate me to get out of bed and I did. That really helps when you think you’re going to work out with somebody as well. I got to the gym and there were about 4 other people there at 5:25 AM. I dropped off some WIN materials on Women’s Health at the table near the lobby with other hea

Repeat Business is Awesome!

Thank you, Man of the Earth. That’s what I call a good friend from high school. He got that name by traveling the globe for a year for personal reasons and every now and then for race car driving, attends Burning Man, and when I craved Apple Turnovers in college he would drive his Volkswagen Golf thru bushes, parking lot islands and park on sidewalks on our search. He hired me to do his annual company party again. I worked the same event last year and had Christy and her coworker from On The Border, Rich, fill in when a friend fell thru while I was vacationing in Las Vegas days before the event. It’s funny that again, I will be traveling home the day before this party. This time I will be driving back from Southern California for the family reunion. I just sent off an email to the caterer we used last year, Namie’s Kitchen , to see if she is available. She did a great job and her food was delicious. She was able to work in a confined space, bring in an oven and order the renta

Carson City, Nevada - Day Two

DB came back to the hotel around 2:45 AM. And was up and at it again the next morning to be back at Centennial Park by 11ish. He spotted an IHOP on our way into town and decided to get his favorite, Stuffed French Toast, there to start off his morning. The place was busy as any IHOP would be in the morning. Our food came out super fast but DB was unhappy with his still chilly Stuffed French Toast. I had the nutella crepes, scrambled eggs and a piece of bacon. My plate came with four pieces of bacon but they were way too salty. And I’m still on vacation so I got the nutella crepes. Like I’ve said in my Yelp reviews, they’re not great but they will do. We drove to Centennial Park and I hung out with him and some of the other umpires he works with for a bit. They all seem like pretty cool guys. I finally met Rick, DB’ buddy, and his umpire partner by choice. They knew I was headed to the Wine Walk in downtown Carson City and joked around that I was going to be pretty tipsy. We

Carson City, Nevada - Day One

It is 10:35 PM and I'm in the hotel room with Bevo. DB picked up a last minute game that starts at 12:30 AM for this round the clock tournament. He left us around 9 PM to head over to the fields to check out pre-tournament activities such as a home run derby. He texted me saying that the 18-year-olds are knocking them out of the park and hitting the RVs parked along the perimeter. We left the house at about 8:30 AM. I reluctantly got out of bed at around 7 AM, did some last minute packing, crunches and used the WINSpa Enzyme Peel since I knew I was going to be getting some sun and I haven't used it in awhile. We were on our way on 580 and haven't even left Castro Valley when we spotted a CHP car on the side. That was the first of many CHP officials we saw on our road trip. We left early enough that traffic wasn't bad at all. We stopped off in Sacramento to pick up DB' coworker and went to McDonald's for lunch. I have been craving Chicken Nuggets sinc