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2019 Goals

Fort Bragg, California 2018 has had its highs but sadly it ended on a very low low with losing my dog, Bevo, that has been by my side for 10 years, to being deceived by a man I loved for several years. I loved him more than the man I actually married. But my dog, my co-pilot, the closest thing that would make me feel like a mother is gone. When you are so down, it's hard to look at the positives that has happened to me this year. But tomorrow starts a new year. 2019 will be my year and I will welcome whatever the universe has in store for me with open arms. But you better believe that I will be doing my damndest to get what I want. I may not have the best dog in the world, the love, the ring, the marriage or the Princess that that man promised me, but I will strive to live a full life as if Bevo is still here reaping the benefits. He was a very loved, spoiled and well-traveled dog. Here are my goals for 2019. Down to 18% body fat by the cruise in March in New Zealand

Bevo Manzano - October 14, 2008 - December 18, 2018

Bevo Manzano 10/14/08 - 12/18/18 Tuesday, 12/12/18 This smiling cuteness that is  @bevotheboston  has been at my side loving me unconditionally for 10 years. He’s my road dog, my co-pilot, the ONLY snorer I can sleep thru, he knows my every secret, the only one who knows when I cry myself to sleep and comforts and understands me without saying a word. He puts his paw on me and gives me a hug when I’m sad saying ‘It’s ok, Mommy.” Mind you, I have had to come to grips that I would never have a child of my own. So when people say he’s just a dog, they don’t understand. He’s not JUST a dog. He’s as close to a child I may ever get so I might as well love him as hard and as long as I can. I’m his whole world. It’s the least I can do. This year has been a lot to handle with his development of separation anxiety, getting hit by a car (miraculously walking away without a scratch!), shoulder issues, ear infections, a UTI and now trembling and shaking, unable to go up and down the st

Susie & Frankie - June 28, 2018

"We're thinking about having the wedding in Oaxaca." Inside I am screaming with excitement, sitting in one of the lounges of where I worked full-time. The place was killing this One Busy Bee with working 60+ hours a week and I needed something to look forward to. Susie has been a friend of mine since we had a business class together at San Francisco State University and is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. I remember the story of how she met her future husband. She's happy, therefore I'm happy. And excited! However, they decided to have the wedding locally. But it turned out beautifully. The venue was in the Mission area in San Francisco near their home called Stable Cafe . It's a darling spot with indoor seating on two levels, an outdoor patio with fruit trees and greenery on the walls, a greenhouse area with a fireplace and a private room with easy access to the kitchen. Minah took good care us. Some rentals were needed based on the h