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Hump Day

WIN Yesterday, Crystal texted me saying “Thanks again for Sunday! My skin still feels amazingly soft. Haven’t gotten to the Biolean just yet. But will get back to you” on what she thinks of the product. I am on my third day back on Biolean and I have to purchase more products thru Vicki. I also have to come up of a way to get the products in the hands of brides. I have been studying and reading up on the health benefits to become much more educated on the products and health in general. Christy, who works for TSA at SFO, also took one of her samples of Winrgy today. She said she "really liked" it and she "was good all day." WIN will soon come out in 5Hr Energy form. I will definitely sample DB and the umpire association on that. EVENT PLANNING The July wedding is moving forward slowly. I do not have as many responsibilities as the bride’s future sister-in-law is also an Event Planner and has taken the reins due to an agreement after the initial ceremo

Under the Weather

8ish AM I absolutely hate being sick. One of my clerks at work was sick since last Thursday the 17th. He didn't come in on Monday and came back on Tuesday, the 22nd. Wednesday, the 23rd, I started to feel sick just before noon and my luncheon with Christy. I joked around with him that he had a weak immune system, a jab that he and I playfully do at work as to who is more inferior in society. It's all fun and games and in a big corporation, I may even get written up or fired for the lenient and open relationship we have with each other, especially since I am a manager. Anyways... I've been sick. I left work mid-afternoon on Wednesday and stayed home on Thursday and Friday. I DID everything to beat this cold. My friend Jenny was turning 30 and she was having a party at the Bubble Lounge in SF on Saturday night. I was not feeling well enough to go so I personally gave her a call to tell her I wasn't coming. I took 2 sorts of cold medicine, 2 allergy meds, had sou

Summer Countdown

Three months exactly until my 30th birthday. Boy, did my 20s blow right past me. As of now, I have no plans of celebrating. No big party or anything but am going up to Seattle with Christy and possibly Jenny to see Shoe to do some celebrating a week earlier. Eh, it’s just a number right? Still not engaged, not married and no child beside my 1.5 year old Boston Terrier, Bevo. I’ve switched up the idea for the family reunion this August to be in her honor a bit. I hope it works out. In terms of moolah, I’m not sure I should be spending so much money on things to make it an event. But we shall see. 50 or so days until the event. I’m expecting 35 people or so. I’ve spoken to someone in terms of entertainment this morning and not sure I’ll move forward with it but it would be great. In terms of EP, I’m only working on one wedding in July and it has a very, very tight timeline. I’ve met with the photographer team and I think they’ll do a great job. They’ve actually worked with my

My Cousin Natalie - Part I

It’s been a tough time for the Lagade side. My beautiful cousin, Natalie Nobida, passed two weeks on May 26, 2010 at 6:50 AM at the age of only 42. The last time I saw her was at Elyssa Claire’s baby shower in Vacaville last summer. Her spirits were high and she must have just recently moved in with her parents, my Auntie and Uncle, in Vallejo. She had a German Shepherd named Mickey, was a Benefits Representative at Morrison & Foerster, a San Francisco State University Gator like myself and a very hard worker, like myself. My mom, my sis and I lived in Vallejo until I was around 8-years-old. I remember going to their house that sits at the top of a hill overlooking Vallejo, sitting at the large dining room table, listening to the adults talk (occasionally feeling bored at a young age), playing with the board games found in the end table in the large living room with the high ceiling with the sliding door to the non-enclosed backyard. There was an age difference between th

Yosemite - Our 2nd Anniversary Weekend

(Finally finished this...) So it was our 2-year anniversary this past weekend (April) and I planned it per our agreement. I’ll take the even years and DB will take the odd years. BUT, I remembered that I planned our 1-year anniversary when we went to Calistoga for mud baths at The Golden Haven Spa Hot Springs Resort and checked out Old Faithful. Regardless, he did plan a trip to lovely Leggett, CA where we got stranded in his other white BMW. Anyways… I’ve been wanting to go to Yosemite for the longest time. I’m not a big camper but I will camp. DB has never camped so I didn’t expect him to tent it out there, so I made sure we had a motel/hotel room. And I wanted to bring Bevo. I don’t like having to pay extra so he can get boarded. I’d rather he come with us on our adventures. So we did. After reading blogs online, following a Yosemite park ranger on, reading reviews on and checking out trails, shuttle routes,, I planned our two-night stay in