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Bowling Fundraiser in San Francisco - Sept. 29th

Feeling lucky? Connect with me to attend my bowling fundraiser in San Francisco on Saturday, September 29th (3-6 PM) and knock some pins down for a good cause! I am training (along with my friend, Nelly Cheng) for my first half marathon at Walt Disney World in January and it is in memory of my Lolo, Victor Manzano. Our friend and Superwoman, Sandra, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is doing well with her chemo treatments. Let's help find a cure and fund support services for the Leukemia &Lymphoma Society . Join us for some fun and support a good cause! $$$$ 50% off! $$$$ $40/lane per hour - Max of 5 bowlers per lane with shoe rentals (reg $45/hour plus $35 for shoes), PLUS I'll buy one pitcher of beer per hour reserved. Reserve now to guarantee your time slot. Max of 10 lanes for 1, 2 or 3 hours each. Ex: 1 hour slot from 3-4 PM for 5 people = $40. Savings of $40 or 50% off! OR $5/person/game & $3 for shoe rentals (reg $7 per

#Instafriend Wine Time

Four weeks straight of wine tasting? Welcome to my world. Poor me, right? It's rough being a Concierge and Certified Travel Agent. This time around, I was on a tour with GP Tours. I book my hotel guests with this company as they pick up my guests from right in front of the hotel, are super friendly when I call them and my guests always have a great time. I now can say I also had a great time. Many of my blog posts include my #Instafriend, Julia, a friend I saw every week for probably the first six months of knowing her. She even has her own label on this blog. I was holding monthly events highlighting women and one month in December and I met this wonderful, energetic woman. My event included Marines and Toys for Tots at a restaurant and bar I used to co-own, and a long night and a great time, just like this tour to wine country. We couldn't believe this was our first time going together! This tour has recently been added and costs $199 per person, $189 for seniors.

A Brunch of Things to Do

I am a creature of habit. As a One Busy Bee, I need some sort of structure and organization to this craziness that is life as a Concierge, Certified Travel Agent, Travel Blogger, Wedding Planner and occasional dog walker. I mistakenly arrived eight hours early to work one Sunday morning for my normal schedule. I forgot I had requested majority of the day off for a proposed bartending opportunity in Houston, Texas. The trip obviously fell through and I was unable to fall back to sleep in my car. Instead of be upset by my error, I went thru emails I haven't had a chance to review and was able to have brunch with a dear friend where mutual friends worked. I walked over to Union Street and went into a few shops such as Ambiance and Morning Lavender . I spent the most time in a shop called TopDrawer. It was a store for the travel lover! Get travel bags, Japanese slippers for the plane, power cord accessories, journals and fancy pens, crayons and markers. They also have meal boxes,

Frostie Rolls - Hayward, California

Look what just rolled up down B Street in Hayward! FrostieRolls . It may have started in 2009 in Thailand but Hayward finally caught up.  For $7 and unlimited toppings, get fresh made ice cream right in front of you and enjoy! This is the Cookie Monster with coconut, nuts and strawberries. My roommate had the s’mores cup with a toasted marshmallow on a pretzel stick. See her homemade s'mores cookies for National S'mores Day. Think of all the combinations you can make! Talk about options! There is plenty of seating, games to play like Jenga at the table and complimentary water and iced tea. Park on the street or the parking garage at Mission and B. Also new to town is Playt at the restaurant spot formerly known as Bijou. Dirty Bird has also moved from down on Mission Street. A new nail salon replaced the consignment shop at B and Foothill. And The Bistro is always a good spot for a pint of Pliny the Elder. Hello, Downtown Hayward! Re

Carolinas Bound

Next week, I will be North Carolina bound. My sister moved her family out there last year and it's the farthest I have been from my nephew since he was born. We used to live 20 minutes apart. Now he's across the nation. This One Busy Bee is headed to the Carolinas by choice. It was never on my list of places to go until 2016 when she dropped the the news on me. She said "We need to talk." People love hearing that, right? She then showed me photos of her latest big purchase. I like shoes, purses, extravagant accommodations and travel. My sister? She likes cars and property. I like property too, but not in North Carolina. She bought property on almost four acres. "I guess I'm going to North Carolina!" And so here we are, a few days from getting on my first JetBlue flight and going to North Carolina. I can feel my eyebrows move closer together every time I say that. My nephew is worth it. He's worth everything. He's also worth taking to