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Windsor Wedding 2018

In one week, my Bride and Groom will be getting married at on Saturday, October 27th at a park near a lake in Windsor, California. If you need tips on having an affordable wedding, read on. The beauty of being an Event Planner and Coordinator and owning my own company, I am able to decide who I do and do not work with in terms of my clients but also do as little or as much as my clients need. This wedding has probably been the easiest wedding I've worked on. However, that may change on the day of as anything can happen. That's where I come in and just make it work. The goal for my Bride and Groom is to be as low key and cheaply as possible. The venue is affordable thru the city, it's naturally beautiful so little to no decor is needed, no bridal party, simple food will be delivered and no DJ is needed as no amplified music  If you can live with this, go for it and spend more on your honeymoon. Besides a trip to Honduras, a honeymoon suit i

One Year Since

It has been one year since I fulfilled a dream of going to Santorini. It has been one year since I drank champagne in Champagne. It has been one year since I was in Paris, what people call the most romantic city in the world. It has been one year since I said enough was enough. Thankfully, severing a profession and personal relationship and completely letting go of a dream I put so much effort in was the best thing for me. I endured mental abuse and though it can be replenished, a lot of money.   But with that break, I felt free! Free of the stress, free of the pressure and free to do whatever I wanted! A year ago, my father, my stepmother and I were enjoying an amazing 7-course dinner at the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival on Maui. It may have been the wine but we befriended folks at our table, including newlyweds that were on their honeymoon. My father said to them that he was happy I was living my life and he was envious of what I was doing. I don’t have children and I

Jurassic Mermaid

Now a Disney Certified Travel Agent and a big fan of The Little Mermaid, I had to go to the SF Symphony 's performance of my favorite Disney film. It was a fun night with my roommate and friend getting a little dressed up and enjoying the live music. Necklace & clutch by Stella & Dot , shoes by Paris Hilton Also a fan of Jurassic Park and dinosaurs in general, I HAD to get tickets for another symphony performance. I loved the Lost World movie that was released earlier this year and I even play with my nephew's Blue toy during brunch. Yes, I play with my food. I'm the fun Auntie. Buddy's Bites & Brew  via my Instagram account @WereHungryToo Sadly, I have to sell these Jurassic Park tickets for Friday, November 2nd, 2018 starting at 8 PM . I have three tickets and they are currently going for $95 per ticket. A few weeks ago, they were being sold for $90 each. I would like $70 each for a total of $210.00. Please contact me if you wo

Breaking Out

As Bevo approaches his 10th birthday, it’s been quite a year. He’s developed separation anxiety, barking when I leave him in his area behind the baby gate. This is his injuries today from trying to get out and bleeding onto the $80 studio quality pad I put to cover the gap in the door opening above the floor molding. The pad was to try to absorb some of his barking to be not a nuisance to my neighbors while I go to work. I’ve tried meds fr the vet to calm him, aromatherapy, treats, toys to occupy him and talking to him via Nest. I really don’t think a calming sweater or videos ran will help but I guess that maybe next. So he wins. He gets to freely roam in my bedroom while I’m gone. Ordered bed pads as he occasionally pees on my bed. Not sure what else to do but give him what he wants. Doc says the barking could also be a sign of him going senile.  It breaks my heart. At Sons of Liberty Alehouse in San Leandro, California What changes did your pup go thru a


Newly turned 38, I still remember announcing to my fourth grade class that if they get a Valentine's Day card from 'Bernie,' that it was from me. Starting my Sophomore year of high school when I moved away from the Bay Area for almost a year, I started to go by Bernadette again. A few friends take it upon themselves to call me Bernie but you know who has been my friend for a long time, they still call me Bernie. This past weekend, it was a (Birthday) Weekend at Bernie's... And where I'm happy is at a spa and in wine country. Hawaii will be next month in Maui. My birthday festivities started out with a much needed spa day at Nob Hill Spa at the Huntington Hotel in San Francisco. Julia aka #Instafriend and I both had Colin as our Therapist. Hands down, that man is amazing and I will follow him anywhere. We enjoyed a table by the pool, had many bottles of Cava and lots of food including dessert. Apparently we cleared them out of Cava. Stories were told of how w