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'I Hate Running' No More

I never enjoyed running laps around the fields or on the track in high school. I remember being told once that I had a slight case of asthma when I was a kid. I convinced myself that was the reason as to why I am a slow runner. Excuses, excuses. When I ran, I would get a cramp right under my rib cage on my right side and the only thing that would ease the pain would be to apply pressure and rest. Completing a mile under a certain time wasn’t a goal of mine and I had an incredible metabolism. I didn’t need to lose weight. Fast forward almost 20 years and just over a week since beginning to jog on a regular basis, I am at 2 miles and under 12 minutes per mile. The metabolism I once gloated about is gone but a competitive side of me is very well present. I can see how running can be addicting. I am constantly pushing myself to go farther and be faster. Without even trying to run on a regular basis, I said I hated running. I would get sharp pains in my knees, my feet and my shins.