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Giving You Thanks

November is upon us. Leaves will cover the ground, turkeys and honey hams will be ordered, and you'll see family you haven't seen all year this Thanksgiving. It's a time to give thanks for the freedoms we have, the friends we've made and the family members that provide you that unconditional love. I personally have plenty to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate from the year 2011. I acquired a new home, loved ones, family and friends are well, my little Boston continues to brighten my day, my nephew Sol & Nathanael, and niece Emma arrived into this world safely, my fiance was able to get another job in this horrible job market, I still have my current job, BUT I have taken up being a Stella & Dot Stylist this past May and have been doing very well! As any person should show appreciation for people that have positively effected their lives, as any company should show appreciation to their valued customers, I wanted to put this event together for the people

It's a GOOD Morning, America! And with 50% Off!

Stella & Dot has been receiving an amazing amount of press, especially by Good Morning America! Again, we were featured with Laura Spencer and for only 24 hours, the Double Wrap Pyramid Bracelet is 50% off! Normal retail sells for $59, it will now be $29. Limit one per customer. I would invite you to see this bracelet live at Shirasoni Japanese Restaurant tonight in Brentwood, CA for Ladies Night, but I do not have the bracelet in stock. I DO have the entire Renegade collection in my display and when you spend $50, you can get one of the three pieces in the collection at 25% off. Did you see that Britney Spears tweeted about our Tribute Bracelet earlier this month? That is pretty cool. This bracelet has been quite popular. It is currently on backorder but if you purchase it now, it will ship to you when our warehouse receives more to fulfill orders. In the month of October, 20% of proceeds of this bracelet goes to The Breast Cancer Research Fund. Only a few days left! This

November 18th

I have to say, I'm pretty excited about this. I fought the whole Twilight craze until late 2009 when my friend, Brittany J. , couldn't stop talking about it when she was staying with us for a little while. I just thought, oh, it's for kids, it's the new Harry Potter. I read the first Harry Potter book and I wasn't a fan. But I watched Twilight with her. Our trips to Blockbuster are always epic and we're always crying from laughing so hard. I can't wait to see her this Saturday. I remember watching the scene of when Bella walks into the classroom for the first time, steps in front of a fan causing her hair to blow, and Edward goes into shock. I'm like "WTF". I could hear it like it was yesterday, Brit laughing, and saying, "Oh, you have to read the books! It's SO good! You'll understand." She let me borrow the first couple of books and as I read further into Twilight, I decided to buy the whole set in hard cover throu

6 Months to Go!

If it wasn't for my newsletter from , (which was originally, which Jessica Herrin co-founded, now the CEO and Founder of Stella & Dot ,) I wouldn't have known it was 6 months to the day that I will become a Mrs., a Wife, a DB. It's a pretty amazing feeling and it makes it so much more real. I just kept thinking that our wedding date is so far away. I guess I better light a fire under own butt, huh? Invitations are in its final stages and will be purchased today or tomorrow to be printed. They are simple and elegant and was chosen from . I was going to go with The Aerialist Press as they do amazing work, they're so friendly and they're in the same building as my office in Emeryville. I looked at the proof I had again before deciding to not go with them and it caused a frown to develop. No, not just a frown, a full on pout! What I would have held in my hand would have been so beautiful. I planned on framing it. Actu

I Need My Personal Space

Image from This is quite a pet peeve of mine. I understand that as a 5'1" woman in a crowded BART train that I cannot reach the overheard bars and I will most likely find myself having to breathe through my mouth while standing under someone's armpit because they're not SURE . But why do I have to scoot my chair back to obtain some personal space? And why am I stepping back TWICE during a casual conversation? I would go into more detail for a juicier post but I don't want to be Fired for Blogging . It happens. What pet peeves top your list?

Happy 3rd Birthday, Bevo!

My puppy love, Bevo, turns 3-years-old today. He had a day at Happy Hound to play with other small dogs and he'll get two new toys and a new box of cookies! I just love my little guy. Bostons are awesome!

Upcoming Events!!

Tonight, your Stella & Dot Independent Stylist will be at Little Miss Everything in Brentwood, California at 220 Oak Street from 6-8 PM. Come by and check out some vendors to get gift giving ideas for the upcoming holiday season and possibly WIN $50 in cash! Last month, Jill Cone of Sweetpea & Lovebug won! It was so easy and we decided to team up on another upcoming event. Please stop by! Next Friday, October 21st, I will be in the Sacramento area of Natomas at the below event. Next Saturday, October 22nd, I will be inside The Catwalk Brentwood during The Home-Town Halloween event from 5:00 PM - 8:00PM. Get the kids dressed-up for an early Trick-O-Treating event downtown. Come inside The Catwalk Brentwood for some candy and a special coupon just for MOM! Then, Saturday, November 5th, I am hosting my very first Customer Appreciation & Holiday Shopping event at my house exclusively for my former Stella & Dot hostesses, customers and family & friends. (A

Stylish Holiday Shopping!!!

Thinking about what to get your stylish girlfriends or family members? Click on the video above, there are some great Stella & Dot pieces available for the holidays. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and LIKE my Facebook page ( ), you will are invited to a special holiday shopping event with Stella & Dot and other great vendors on Saturday, November 5th between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM in Brentwood. So please, Save the Date!