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OBB Weekly - 2-26-19

Speeches from The Academy Awards last night were filled with inspiration. Lady Gaga called out to fight for a dream, Spike Lee's urge "to make the moral choice between love versus hate," and Rami Malek says "part of my story is being written right now." These Oscar winners faced challenge, rejection and overcame. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. What do you deserve? TRAVEL I have seen several articles online of Californians not taking advantage of their earned PTO (paid time off). They are looking to get ahead, they do not want to be seen as someone that doesn't make their work a priority and they fear being replaced. If you can work for yourself or find an employer with an unlimited vacation policy, take it! If you are a hard worker and get the job done, you deserve it. If you're like me, you'll be checking your emails anyways en route or maybe a few times while you are at a beautiful resort in Fiji. This particular resort h

A Few Hours in Chi-Town

I was waiting to board my American Airlines flight in Chicago to get to Albany, New York. The layover was three hours long. Snacking on my Garrett cheesy popcorn, I get a vibration in my back pocket. I look around me to find a disappointing look on the faces of my fellow travelers. I looked at the screen above the desk. CANCELLED I must have had great travel luck as I have never had a flight cancelled on me. Then again, it's not very often that I travel in snowy conditions like the East coast was experiencing. It was almost 8 PM. I had already eaten, I was automatically booked on a 9:24 AM flight the following morning and I was actually happy I get to spend the night in Chicago. Unfortunately, the airport wasn't too close to downtown. The discounted voucher with a phone number to get a hotel room for the night didn't have an appealing option. I decided to find myself a hotel near The Bean. Uber there was about $30. Not bad. Not being familiar with Chicago, I selecte

OBB Weekly - 2-19-19

Hello, Albany!...through a cold, touristy night in Chicago. Post coming soon! Not quite in New York City yet but this San Francisco Bay Area native is excited to explore the Big Apple a bit more. As mentioned in my excitement in my previous post, I have been twice before. I received great feedback on places to visit and things to do from friends and followers. Don’t forget to support those bloggers sharing similar travel tips and experiences like Tracy Kaler's New York . TRAVEL The new employer says I’ll have my weekends. I was headed out to Albany for the first time to understand the process I will be in charge of coordinating from the home office in Palo Alto. I hoped I would have the weekend to do ‘research’. It was actually cheaper in terms of flights if I did! I saved the company $250 if I stayed thru the weekend. Sweet! I will have a full two days to explore the city. The cost wasn’t bad for booking flights within a week. Ask me to help you find great deals on flights