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Blog Goals

Write them down. Because I'm a... Credit to Anastasia Amour. Found this on Pinterest. I was inspired today by a post I found in the Blogger Outreach group on Google+ posted by a young, Ms. Brooke out of Seattle, Washington. I was on the hunt to surpass the number of page views I had last month. I was shy of doing so with just under a hundred views. I was close! But June will be much different. I realized that I didn't have any blog goals. Blogging has taken a backseat to everything that has been going on lately but it has gotten some increased attention without much effort and I am not sure why. Just in May, my posts on Beer, Wine, Fitness and Shopkick have received the most hits. Readers in the United States view my posts, then people from Germany. Hello! Perhaps I should learn some German. My posts on the reality show, the Bad Girls Club, continues to be posts the ones that have received the most hits of all time since 2009. And I must thank Google for bei

#StillInIt But Still the Same?

Six weeks ago on April 20, 2015, Justin and I did a second fitness challenge together. This time, I got Megan Z. and Dylan to participate. The 12-week #200KTransform challenge was great. I saw some changes, I was dedicated and felt out of it when I didn't work out. I had a goal in mind and I think I kicked some butt. This time, it was more of a challenge to stick with being #StillInIt even though I had more support. I was still on the Shredz supplements with Angela and Marissa and was able to lose the 4 pounds I gained after a week in Playa Del Carmen , Mexico, so my body did bounce back. Week 1 - April 20, 2015 Weight: 114.2 BMI: 21.6 Fat: 19.4 Muscle: 35.1 Besides drinking a whole lot of Mezcal and beer and eating all the ceviche in Playa Del Carmen for 7 days, I had other distractions. I was preparing to leave my job to work for DWSF, and the below opportunities also presented themselves. St. George Single Malt Whiskey was available in the tas

Let's Hike 2015

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This post is long overdue. This year has been quite hectic with opening up DWSF , the #200KTransform challenge with , and traveling. Poor me, right? The goal was to hike once a month. It's a new activity I started with my ex-Roomie in 2012. The activity allows me to be social and catch up with friends and meet new people while exploring hills, streams and valleys in my own backyard and get a work out in. And we usually reward ourselves with some grub and a beer afterwards in the same neck of the woods. Here is 2015's log, a continuation of the last few years' found here . JANUARY Purisima Creek Redwoods Such a pretty and hilly route. Good times with Nikki, Tatiana, Jeremy and Tanya. Tanya brought her selfie stick so that alone was pretty funny. We even ran into a large group and Tanya was being her friendly self. We thought the group was an Events and Adventures outing. Perhaps it was! I remember seeing someone weari

Do You ShopKick?

Everybody likes free stuff right? My frugal friend, Megan Z., has turned me onto apps like ShopKick and Cartwheel, but I have also added Ibotta to that list. Use these apps to earn points, discounts and rebates on things you do everyday and purchase. With ShopKick , you get points just for walking into a retail location like Target , Safeway or Best Buy . Scan the barcodes of certain products and get even more points!  Scanning magazines for points at Target! Earn gift cards to stores like GameStop and Old Navy or use the points to earn free products like headphones, a Coach purse, jewelry, a scooter or even a Princess Cruise . I'm going for the cruise! I only need 6.2 million points. LOL. That's quite a bit and it will take forever but I'm aiming high! I have a Safeway right across the street from my condo complex so I earn walk in points and can scan products there often. I used to work across the way from a Target , Best Buy , Home Depot and Sports