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#MyFitSquad 2016

So let's be real here, I did not reach #MyNextLevel . But it's my birthday week and I'm getting another year older. The bid is not where I want it to be. I need to get my BMI and fat percentage down. My clothes are not fitting the way I want them to. I did up my cardio and really wanted to do my first 5K race as I never fulfilled that resolution last year. I was able to run a 5K but not during an official race. The last time I did before recently was on Halloween in bunny ears and a bunny tail. I can get back to it easily. I ran over a mile and had to stop last month. The next time I did, I ran a 5K. I was pretty proud of myself. But 10 or so days ago, the top of my left foot started to hurt that I had a nice pimp walk. It got so bad that I saw a doctor and she asked me to go get an x-ray. The results came back a few hours later and I have arthritis and need to see a podiatrist. No running for me. I will have to find ways to get my cardio in. So I think I will try c

Maui 2016 - Day 4

It was time to go home. I enjoyed my time in Maui and loved spending time with my father. I am definitely a Daddy's girl, to this day. I woke up, packed, had breakfast thanks again to my Stepmom and told them I was going to go to the beach before leaving. It's something I do to take a moment and take in one last time of where I am, appreciate that I have rested and think about where I am headed. I walked along the beach and stopped right in front of the hotel restaurant was where we dined and stayed when my Lolo was alive. I vividly remember taking a group photo there with them and my four other cousins. It made me miss him even more. It also made me think that my father is 62 and we all are getting older. I don't like to think about it but I can hear the sadness my father has for losing his own father. I couldn't imagine it. Papa and I were both at Lolo's side when he took his last breath. Sitting there on that beach made me feel close to them both at the same ti

Maui 2016 - Day 3

It's my Papa Bear's birthday! The whole reason why I came to surprise him in Maui. I was there two years ago with my Lola and celebrated his birthday with him. It was nice to be a part of this celebration again. 2014 at Longhi's I fell asleep on the couch, sleepily made my way to temporary wonderful room where I woke up to a view of the fruits growing on the trees outside my window. I found my Papa Bear cleaning the pool on his birthday. " Why didn't you carry me to my bedroom? " I used to fall asleep to watching Annie on a VHS a lot and I loved getting carried to bed. He was turning older and I'm sure part of him, like me, wanted to go back in time, even if it was temporary. Papa Bear continued his chores and I didn't go for a run. I just stretched and was mesmerized by the clouds moving above me. The flowers I gave my Stepmom were blooming. After another delicious lunch by my Stepmom, Papa Bear wanted to get some rest

Blogging Goals - September 2016

Write down your goals and achieve them. I want 100,000 hits this month! At this point, I need 1,200 hits. I can do it. But ideally, I would like to do it by my birthday, September 22nd.  That will be a nice birthday present. For my birthday, as well as Cristen's, my Office Manager, we and a bunch of other folks are headed down to Paso Robles to wine taste. While on Maui and Oahu recently, I hashtagged myself as a #travelblogger. I do love to travel and even though I have posts that are about my own backyard, it is still travel to me, AND people that do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yes, majority of my readers are from the US, but according to Blogger, I have many readers from Russia, Germany and France. Thank you, international readers! Next up in my travels after Paso Robles will be Italy, specifically Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan. Please contact me to invite us, Courtney & I , to come to your establishment. It will surely be mentioned here! 

Beer Log - September 2016

To gain more of an understanding of the industry I am in, you have to go out and be exposed to it! As a part owner and Events Director of a new restaurant in San Francisco, I have been enjoying food, wine, whiskey, cocktails, local flavor, popular and not so well known establishments. I love it! My taste buds love me for it. This is my beer log for September. If you click on one of the labels to the right, you can also find wine, beer, spirits and general dining posts. Please browse through the blog and I hope it inspires you to visit that place or be on your own search for something similar. So let's begin! Waikiki Brewing Company It's my birthday month and I just got back from Hawaii again. This time with my business partner. I was actually invited to Oahu by a Food and Beverage Manager I met while in Maui. He was opening a brewery and I said 'Me too!' It's been a long-time comin'. He didn't end up making it out after we booked our flights and we head