Beer Log - September 2016

To gain more of an understanding of the industry I am in, you have to go out and be exposed to it! As a part owner and Events Director of a new restaurant in San Francisco, I have been enjoying food, wine, whiskey, cocktails, local flavor, popular and not so well known establishments. I love it! My taste buds love me for it.

This is my beer log for September. If you click on one of the labels to the right, you can also find wine, beer, spirits and general dining posts. Please browse through the blog and I hope it inspires you to visit that place or be on your own search for something similar. So let's begin!

Waikiki Brewing Company
It's my birthday month and I just got back from Hawaii again. This time with my business partner. I was actually invited to Oahu by a Food and Beverage Manager I met while in Maui. He was opening a brewery and I said 'Me too!' It's been a long-time comin'. He didn't end up making it out after we booked our flights and we headed in the same direction as Hurricane Lester and enjoyed ourselves.

We walked a bit to finally find this brewery. I first had the beer while in Maui and have tweeted them that received responses. I asked about a tour. However, on the day of, I didn't get a response.

Nonetheless, I tried ALL THE BEER as my Brewer does. I did a flight of all of them and shared it with my business partner. My personal favorites were the Aloha Spirit Blonde Ale, the Eee Pah IPA (the same one I enjoyed while in Maui), and the Black Strap Porter.

They also made beer cocktails which I didn't have a chance to enjoy. There's always next time!  I'm not a fan of pale ales, hefs and the Jalapeno Mouth was really interesting. It was promoted well there.

The Overnight IPA got his name when the brewer took a flight to California, drive to Clearlake, bought hops, and returned to brew with them immediately. It was really unique.

The brewery was pretty cool. You can sit outdoors and stare at the hanging televisions before the system of steel. I had a good time. It's hard not to when you're in Hawaii. Jeffrey and Vanessa were behind the bar and were friendly and attentive.

Georgetown Brewing
Bodhizafa IPA

A duplicate was poured at DW so I had a taste of it and gave the rest to my Bar Manager. Trying to lose weight here!

More to come!


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