It's Gonna Be May

I'm sure you've seen it. If you have a friend named May, the *Nsync memes are overtaking your Facebook and Instagram feed, right? Tomorrow ends the month of April and I was 10 posts behind the daily blog post challenge. For this Monday Motivation post, I will keep going until I reach that 30 count. Better late than never!

May is turning out to be a busy month. Not surprising for this One Busy Bee. I finally have a set schedule for my part time job as a Concierge at the Argonaut Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf. I really do like the job, what I'm doing, the hotel and staff, and how the time spent here contributes to my experience in the travel and tourism industry, all the while continuing in the hospitality industry as well. Working only about 30 hours a week, it will finally allow me to schedule workouts, get in some sort of sleeping pattern and work on my business as a Travel Agent. There is so much to do!

So far since I received the month's work schedule a couple of days ago, I have managed to schedule quite a bit. I am going wine tasting twice, doing an advanced segway tour (see Segway Virgin No More), have a bridal shower, a wedding and do a Yosemite tour. Again, every tour that I do adds to my experience and allows me to speak on the products better to the hotel guests. It's not a bad gig.

The wine tasting will continue my search to go to all 4,000 California wineries (Log). I have quite a bit of ways to go!

One of my Brides is having her bridal shower. She just got back from Miami for her bachelorette party.  We went together for a mutual friend's bachelorette party five years ago. It was such a great time. This Bride will be getting married in San Francisco, so no major traveling for me.

The wedding I will be attending will be in Selma, California. Have you been? I'm not sure I have. I met this friend thru a mutual friend and they actually met via Craigslist. I have definitely made friends via social media but never have responded to a personal ad on Craigslist. That friend is now a bridesmaid. Interesting, isn't it? I am looking to be an attendee of a wedding as opposed to running around working the event. It'll be a nice change.

I also plan on completing my Princess Academy for Princess cruises. The plan is use to my miles to go to Sydney next year for my international trip but perhaps I might be on my free Princess cruise as a graduation present. I wonder where they'll send me!

The goal is still send my donker to Maui and buy property. With that, I need to get rid of some weight and just all the stuff I don't ever see or use. I really need to get on selling things on LetGo and Poshmark (use code ONEBUSYBEEBLOG). I don't need stuff. I want experiences.

Not only is it going to be May, it's going to be busy. Nope. Not surprised.

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Day 20


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