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As a Travel Agent and a Concierge for one of the best hotels at Fisherman's Wharf, I should have a TripAdvisor profile, right? I stopped Yelp-ing (7 years Elite status, btw) because I wanted most of my content on my blog but now I'm thinking the more users can see that I have experience via many sites, the better. So let's try this.

I was invited to review the San Francisco Electric Tour Company after an amazing experience on TripAdvisor and Yelp. My good friend and fellow entrepreneur of ACT Language Schools, Nikki B., were happy to do so! Here it is!  Please like or give us a thanks to our reviews! 

A segway? That's for lazy people and Paul Blart, right? Melanie, our Tour Guide, did crack jokes that Americans are lazy but her jokes won't stop there so keep up! This was my first segway tour and I brought along a dear friend who was also a first-timer. We arrived 15 minutes early, as instructed, with our close-toed shoes and small bags, checked in with Alycia, signed a waiver and were handed ear phones, audio tour devices and a vest with reflectors for safety.

We met up with Melanie and she adjusted our segways based on height. Each segway had a fun name such as Segzilla and along the lines of "You Are Awesome." A creative helmet with spokes, a mohawk or newly added, a pirate hat or Pippy Longstalking wig on top. You can't be missed!

You're instructed to cover the basics of stepping on and off a segway safely, then led to a waiting room for more instructions, this time via a video. The video is available in several other languages as well. Then it was time for more training. Melanie taught us to dodge cones aka 'small children and puppies', do an emergency stop and more. Then after an enthusiastic verbal group test we know what to do in given situations and understand the hand/arm signals, we were on our way.

We went on the 2.5 hour tour of the Fisherman's Wharf and North Beach area and heard bits and pieces of history of my own area (I'm a Bay Area native) that I didn't know about. We went up and down slight hills, stopped off for gelato and a bathroom break, Melanie helped a couple that didn't speak English well and helped them feel confident on the segway, we went to the Municipal Pier towards the end of the tour and we got to go as fast as the segway would let us! What fun. Not to mention what an amazing point to be at with the skyline, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge in view at every direction. 

Melanie kept us safe, kept the jokes coming and mentioned great bits and pieces of history, not to mention she was our photographer. Back at the home base, you graduate with a certificate and sticker and get called a doctor. You now are able to do their advanced tours. We had an amazing time and plan to come back and do the advanced and night tours, and even joked around about buying a pair of segways!

Thank you to Melanie and the whole team for the wonderful memories. Everything was amazing.

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