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Legally, that is. I have been single since June of 2012, just six weeks after my wedding. It’s a long story, if you don’t already know it. I legally filed for divorce on December 12, 2012. Yes, 12/12/12, when most couples think it’s good luck to get married when the numbers of the dates are all the same. The process should have been quick and painless but I wasn’t that lucky. The earliest you can get officially divorced is six months after filing your petition. I had already planned to celebrate on the beaches of Kauai, Hawaii with my beautiful nephew, Sol, and my family members. However, June 12 th came and went with no resolution but I did do something fun and amazing….keep reading. I honestly just wanted to dust my hands clean of everything, accept I made a terrible mistake, learn from the disaster and walk away the bigger person. I was not searching for an apology, an explanation, revenge or to make a profit. Just let me walk away! But delay after delay for such a simple request

Our First Investors Meeting

The Operating Team of Dirty Water had a wonderful time with our investors on the rooftop of Anchor Steam Brewery . It was such a pleasure to meet each one of these amazing, smart, humble and fun individuals. We first gathered in the tasting room on the second floor. We were poured our choice of Anchor Steam beers and then led upstairs by the very generous and knowledgeable Jen Chen to the top floor. Pass the construction and stacks of barley, we found ourselves in a private room with a full bar and our wonderful and meticulous mixologist, Zachary Taylor, with access to a deck where your eyes are automatically drawn to the beautiful skyline of downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge. Introductions of our Operating Team were made by Kristian and an update of the many tasks we are working on as a group to open were explained. Questions were asked and answers were received. Zachary explained the two cocktails he especially created for our investors that evening. And Jen explai

Fight Breast Cancer

Shop for a cause! Fight breast cancer! All net proceeds of these bracelets go to benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation, now thru October 31st. Get yours for $39 at I bought mine! Breast cancer has effected my family and loved ones. In loving memory of my beautiful cousin Natalie Nobida, a wonderful and strong woman, Maureen Withrow, and thankfully my sweet Auntie Gi is in remission.  Thanks for reading.

Warrior Dash 2014! Sponsor Me!

WARRIOR DASH!!!! Is in 33 days. Sponsor me or join my sister and I in 3.2 miles of running in the heat and the hills of eSparto! and going thru 12 obstacles including that mud pit. I'm super late in fundraising but I need $300 in tax-deductible donations to get that private shower again. Help a Dirty (Water) girl out. Thanks for reading! Update : Thank you to a very large and generous donation, I was able to get The Princess Package again. Yes!! I was searching for a costume for Halloween and saw all the superhero stuff. My sister loves Superman so I thought we could go dressed up as superheroes. Here's my get up.   I picked up my sister at our Lola's house since that would be the middle point from my house to Esparto, CA. Lola thinks we're crazy. We made it and immediately received compliments on our costumes. Last year I was a devil. The route was different this year and the obstacles were s

Delta Blues Festival & On-Point Machining

  Come on out to the Delta Blue s Festival tomorrow in Downtown Antioch tomorrow from noon to 7:30 PM. My sister and brother-in-law, owners of On-Point Machining , are sponsors. Please come by and check out their booth, pick up pens, stickers and check out some samples they have worked on. Enjoy some live music. See you there! Follow us both on Instagram - @onpointmachining & @bappletree Event Photos: Did you pick one up? My 2nd weekend with VIP passes. First weekend was for  Porter Robinson . VIP Area Thank you to everyone that stopped by the On-Point Machining booth!