Warrior Dash 2014! Sponsor Me!

WARRIOR DASH!!!! Is in 33 days. Sponsor me or join my sister and I in 3.2 miles of running in the heat and the hills of eSparto! and going thru 12 obstacles including that mud pit. I'm super late in fundraising but I need $300 in tax-deductible donations to get that private shower again. Help a Dirty (Water) girl out.


Thanks for reading!

Thank you to a very large and generous donation, I was able to get The Princess Package again. Yes!! I was searching for a costume for Halloween and saw all the superhero stuff. My sister loves Superman so I thought we could go dressed up as superheroes. Here's my get up.

I picked up my sister at our Lola's house since that would be the middle point from my house to Esparto, CA. Lola thinks we're crazy.

We made it and immediately received compliments on our costumes. Last year I was a devil.

The route was different this year and the obstacles were so much better. There was one with five mud trenches and I had to stand on Melyssa's knee in order to get up. Thank goodness people were helping us get up because it was getting tiring. That was the most challenging obstacle. The mud pit was nothing like last year's. Sun's out, guns out! We're done!


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