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#250KChallenge2018 - Week 1

And so it starts - 12 weeks to transform your body to win $100,000 and more. I am happy to have recruited quite a few people and I look forward to seeing what they achieve. Below is Week 1 recap as I have done in previous challenges. I like to track and share what I have done, show that I have flaws, failures but also successes. We’re all human. Every week, sends out an email with a weekly challenge to post on Instagram. This week’s is to answer “What/who is your inspiration?” Besides being more healthy overall because of the ridiculous costs of healthcare, I love helping, training and motivating people I care about that they can do it too. And they don’t mind me kicking their butt as Kim, my neighbor, states below. Monday Looking back, I feel I may have overdone it. I woke up early to knock out this month’s hike completely around Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. I have never done that before as long as I have lived in the East Bay. The day

It's Fun to Get Fit

Really! It is fun to get fit. Tomorrow kicks off the first day of my FOURTH #250KChallenge by . It's a 12-week transformation challenge for prizes. For instance, one male and one female will could each win $100,000, plus other opportunities to win. I am happy to have quite a few friends doing it with me this year! Or so they say they are... Shout out to the below friends that have already posted their BEFORE photos on Bodyspace and where they're from: Nikki - Rohnert Park, CA Nelson - Oakland, CA Lana - Fremont, CA Though these friends may not officially post their pics in time to be in the running, I love having them as part of my Fit Fam that want to or already are fit and keep me motivated. Christy - Pacifica, CA Court Court - San Francisco, CA Papichulo - Orlando, FL Angela - Hayward, CA Lynn - San Francisco, CA Jo - San Francisco, CA Tanya - San Leandro, CA Ji-Young - Emeryville, CA Cristen - San Francisco, CA Maritza - San Jose, CA S

The Mexican Riviera via Holland America Line - Day 2

RING! RING! After a much needed rest, I was awoken with two short but repetative rings on a phone that definitely wasn’t mine. Finding it in the perfectly dark stateroom, I answered it and found a friendly person asking about our pre-ordered breakfast. We ordered scrambled eggs and cottage cheese and fruit and cranberry juice. However, I forgot to mark at what time we wanted it to arrive. Providing the answer, I went back to bed. Easily. With Catherine still asleep and breakfast scheduled to arrive later that morning, I got dressed in the dark for the gym. I learned from my last cruise in Europe in 2012 that I need to do something about weight gain while on a ship. The first cruise on Celebrity was for two weeks and I went to the gym twice and ate anything and everything because I was on vacation, and it was a tough year. ( I Am Single .) This go around, I was hoping I didn’t add too much to my already roundness. On my way to the gym on the 9 th floor is the Lido Market