"Thank you for making our wedding day FLAWLESS and kicking off our honeymoon perfectly with a two-day stay in Napa." - Nikki & Rowan (Nikki & Rowan Wedding, October 2018)

"Thank you, Bernadette, for all your planning and hard work." - Elle, Mother of the Bride. 
(Nikki & Rowan Wedding, October 2018)

"You were on top of everything! Thank you so  much for running things and making my little sister's wedding go so perfectly." - Cori, Sister of the Bride 
(Nikki & Rowan Wedding, October 2018)

"You were incredible to work with and we are so grateful you were our wedding planner! You were on top of everything." - Lisa & Branden (Lisa & Branden Wedding, September 2018)

"That's absolutely perfect. Thank you so much! I love working with you!!! You are so business." - Fatima P., former Bride. Referring a party to me at Dirty Water SF. (October 2015)

"Thank you for wrangling this crazy crew together and keeping us on point! LOL. You did an awesome job and I will definitely cosign that it was an amazing wedding!" - Rey, Groomsman (October 2015)

"I must tell you and the other folks at FJ that I have sung your praises a number of times. You certainly are good at what you do! Cheers!" - Garry P. (Annual Company Party, July 2014) 

"You did a wonderful job!!! We had a great time and it's where we met!" - Laida, Bridesmaid  (October 2015)

"Wow!!! You did a great job and we don't know how we could of done it without your help. Definitely recommend..!" - Tim P. (Groom, June 2013)

"You did an amazing job, B." - Layla (Bridesmaid, June 2013)

"You are awesome, Bernadette. Can't thank you enough for your help. Everything went perfect." - Ali (Maid of Honor, June 2013)

"We are so happy to have been a part of this event and that your Bride and Groom enjoyed everything. We sincerely hope to work with you again!" Nancy (Paradise Catering, June 2013)

"Thanks again Bernadette!!  I had a blast and really got to enjoy myself because of you :)" - Taruna (Birthday Party, November 2013)

"You're a STAR, it all worked out great, and that's PRICELESS!" - Spencer (Private Event, August 2012)

"Thanks again for helping us yesterday. The party was a huge success :)" - Taruna (Company Celebration, October 2012) 

“Thank you for all of your help, it really made the event run smoothly. Looking forward to working with you again." - Gopi M. of All Things Delish (AIF Event, June 2010)

“I wanted to say thank you again on behalf of the whole AIF Bay Area YP Team. We greatly appreciate everything you and Stephanie did for us. We look forward to working with you again in the future." - Mandy K. (AIF Event, June 2010)

“Thanks, B. You are amazing!” - Kristin V. (Kristin & Richard's Wedding, June 2010)

"Thank you for planning the reunions; you are awesome!" – Donna N. (Family Reunion, August 2010)

"The brilliant people behind this fun, fun, fun event! Thanks for doing a great job AGAIN....EVERYTHING was great!" – Lena S. (Family Reunion, August 2010)

"I greatly appreciate all your hard work and dedication to make sure our needs were met. Your professionalism and timeliness were outstanding. We will definitely call you again when we need an expert in your field. In the same manner, we will gladly refer you to anyone who might be in need of your services." – Alex (Alex & Veronica’s Wedding, December 2010)

"Thanks so much for last night. Really appreciate it all.” – Anu (Holiday Party, December 2010)

”Hey Bernadette! Great to hear from you again and thank you so much for all of your help at Shanti's wedding. Everything went so smoothly.” – James Rubio Photography (Shanti & Pablo's Wedding, August 2008)

"Hey Bernadette! It was great meeting you this last week. You did an awesome job at the wedding. I hope to see you again.'
~Jason. (Shanti & Pablo's Wedding, August 2008)

"Great job with the wedding! It was awesome." - Jessica. (Shanti & Pablo's Wedding, August 2008)

"Thanks for nailing the event. It's always a treat working with someone who handles the pressures and many challenges of event planning with a smile." - Stuart A. (CrushPad Holiday Event, December 2007)

Do you have a comment on an event I worked? I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at bappletree@gmail.com

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