Style Sunday: My First Burberry

My new pretties! This was my first Burberry experience and I bought three pieces. My Hawaiian Airlines credit card loves me. I purchased these beauties at the SoHo store in New York City last week. I was looking for the Stella & Dot Design Studio on Spring Street and decided to pop in. I had an ex that loved Burberry so I wanted to touch and feel what all the fuss is about. I totally get it, Bro.

I walked in in my Makers Mark beanie, The North Face jacket and my yellow Michael Kors backpack. Don’t I paint the picture of a girl with money to spend and knows fashion? I walked in and got smiles from the two ladies at the front of the store waiting for buying customers to greet. No ‘Welcome.’ Was this about to be The Pretty Woman scene waiting to happen? I walked a bit further into the store and was smiled at by an Asian sales person busy with another customer.

Browse. Browse. Browse. I came across the sunglasses display. I liked the ex’s new Pradas I basically took over during our stay in Monterey. I’ve had my Pradas for 12 years and they are a little beat up. I tried on a few. I found one like his. I also found a fun red pair that would be great with my Fenty Beauty and Kat Von D red lipstain. 

The tall gorgeousness with long dark hair, Fatima, approached me. I asked how much they were. Doable. I said I would take both of them. With no intentions of spending more, I said I would browse. She escorted me upstairs to see what else they had to offer. Fatima showed me the Burberry way. I found my way to an area near the front of the store.

And then I found this amazing “B” print (because, y’know 🐝 #onebusybee). The print was on smaller pieces like a crossbody, wallet, phone case, etc. The crossbody was more than I was willing to spend for something not as functional. Fatima showed me my next purse. Go big or go home.

It was nice to clear the shelves and call this beauty mine. It’s new and from the latest fashion show. New York Fashion Week took place earlier that month. All of my handbags that are worth anything are special to me. I don’t buy bags just to have them. I am not a collector. My bee Gucci and red alligator skin Georgio Armani I purchased in Milan were exclusives too. I don’t like having things everybody else has had at the time. 

Can you tell I’m happy with my purchase? And damnit, I deserve it!  I continued my shopping spree with matching Tiffany & Co. apple earrings from the iconic store on 5th Ave  This ‘bappletree’ needed it. The sales person loved that the apple was tattooed on me. That was my first tattoo. OK! No more shopping! I want that house in Maui!

Are you a Burberry fan?

Do you love shopping in SoHo New York?

If you have designer handbags, do you use them everyday or save for special events?


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