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Venice, Italy - Day 1 Part III

Continuing to walk along the Grand Canal on the wet pavement, you can hear the water splashing against the edges and little steps leading into the water. You can hear feet making splashes in the puddles and the many different languages of tourists. The gorgeous masquerade masks caught our eye and we tried a couple on. They're so beautiful, decorative and mysterious. Who's behind the mask? I have always wanted to go to a masquerade ball. We reached our first bridge and it was wide and covered with tourists and locals probably a tad bit irritated of so many of us being in their way. We stood at the summit, above the Grand Canal and we wanted a picture. Check! Ron wanted a picture of him clicking his heels down the stairs. Check! and Click! We continued on and found ourselves a map. It was getting dark and it had started to rain. We didn't want to go down dark alleys so we stuck to a busy road. People were prepared with their rain boots but still had cones with gelato in

Venice, Italy - Day 1 Part II

We arrived on the ship and were immediately greeted with champagne and mimosas. We were amazed at the view from the rear staircase down to the main floor where a band would play nightly and six glass elevators climb floors 2-14. The wrapped staircase from floor 3-4 is lit up and the game room, library and lounge can be seen above. There was so much to explore. We found our room on the 9th floor and a balcony was really not necessary. The inside stateroom is quite comfortable and large, you will not feel claustrophobic. There were two comfy, twin beds, robes hanging in the closet, a flat screen tv, an equipped bathroom, and full fridge. Our luggage was not going to arrive for awhile so we freshened up as much as we can and grabbed something to eat at the cafe. The food was in abundance and soo good. We have cocktails with every meal and so much to choose from, from a carving station, salad, sandwich station, and of course dessert! The lemon cod was the best..of that meal. The dining

Venice, Italy - Part of Day 1

What a day! We landed much more smoothly in Venice than we did in JFk, New York. I was so excited to get my first stamp in my passport. I look at it afterwards and the stamp is faint. I feel cheated. Then off to go get our bags and meet Celebrity to catch our boat. "It's a ship, Daddy!" (Titanic movie reference). Taking a bus to our boat and passing the local little communities and massive bodies of water was amazing to see. I couldn't believe I was in a place I have been wanting to go in at least 10 years. I couldn't wait to explore. But first we had to board the ship. It feels like forever since I've showered. All the oiliness was covered by my Stella & Dot cap that now has to be washed. We get to the terminal and are greeted by a Celebrity employee. She hands us paperwork and tells us to take a seat and wait for our level to be called. Ron and I continued our Scrabble game and Ron enjoyed the cute, thin, young employees dressed all in black and

Landed in New York

There is no doubt the city will bounce back after Super Storm Sandy. Ron and I just landed in New York, JFK airport for a 2.5 hour layover on our way to Venice. Last night, Spencer stopped by the house to say Bon voyage. Roomie met him and of course was well-liked. Man of the Earth, as I call him for his many experiences traveling all over the world, is great. We spoke of my itinerary, a few memories of his travels and had many laughs as usual. He recommended a travel guide by Lonely Planet but we weren't able to stop by a Barnes & Noble before heading to Kingfish for dinner and drinks. Bevo sat on my lap while Spencer's visit before he became interested with his bone. I knew I was going to miss him so much. He sleeps with me every night and wakes me up with kisses. I said my goodbyes to my Puppy Love. This was the longest time I was going to be away from him in 4 years. He usually travels with us often. But I know he's in good hands with Roomie. Roomie drove me