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#250KChallenge - Week 3

The week seems like such a blur. Weigh in Monday made no sense. The numbers don't add up. As much as I love lifting over cardio and you burn more calories throughout the day with more muscle mass, I told myself I need to do more cardio. I do need to track what I'm eating and drink more water but I haven't done either. That's a goal for Week 4. As of Saturday, this challenge has also become a Las Vegas girls' trip prep for March. It'll be 8 ladies and it is much needed. I have been itching to travel. Although I have been to Vegas numerous times, this will do. Plus, it's Tara's first time! She's been going thru some things. She needs this. But I need to drop some weight and meet some goals! I can definitely see some changes and over time they'll get better but my impatient self is looking for more yesterday. Monday - From my 20 minutes post, work has been pretty busy that I haven't been able to step away for 20 minutes a day and rea

#250KChallenge - Week 2

Sunday evening and two weeks into this challenge. I have a feeling not much will change on that scale tomorrow morning. It has been nothing but work, beer, wine and food. Plus I missed out on two days of working out. I worked a 15-hour day on Thursday and I slept in on Friday to recover. Monday consisted of taking Bart into work as I needed to be at there early for two beer trainings back to back. See Beer Log 2016. I worked out at night but didn't get as much cardio as I wanted to but did shoulders. My friend, Albert, always gives me shit for when I do shoulders because they are pretty noticeable. I have huge traps. So I sent him a SnapChat post workout. He said I was going to scare a whole lot of people. He texted me earlier today that he has shoulders today and I should send him a pic to give him motivation. I sent him a SnapChat and he took a screenshot of it! The app tells you when someone does that. Creeper! Those pics are for 10 seconds only! I asked him to send me a s

DW Ladies in Management in VEGAS!!!

The Partner, Events Director, Marketing Director and Wine Director, Sommelier and Events Manager (9 other women) will be in Las Vegas from March 11th until March 14th. DW is one the hottest restaurants and bars in San Francisco that opened in 2015. It has also been named one of the sexiest restaurants in San Francisco according to Zagat. Zagat has also named our Wine Director and Sommelier, Tara Herrick, as one of '30 Under 30' that are changing the industry. She's 25. Quite the achievement, don't you agree? And this will be her first time in Las Vegas.  Our group of businesswomen are mostly single, aged between 25 and 35, and consist of social media users (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, SnapChat, Google+, Swarm, Untappd, Delectable), bloggers, Yelpers, Certified Bartneders, Certified Personal Trainers, Event Planners & Coordinators and fluent in Spanish, French and Slovak. We are into fitness, fashion, beauty, live music, dancing an

Rockin' My S&D Everyday #2

I am still a Stella & Dot Stylist. It has been almost five years and I love all of their pieces. Stella & Dot is a local company that was started by Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris. The company is named after each of the grandmothers. What an honor. Half of their line is under $50 but adored and worn by many celebrities including singer Carrie Underwood , Orange is the New Black 's Laura Prepon, and even featured on Jada Pinkett Smith on an episode of Gotham . Oh, Fish. Always stylin'. I am constantly getting complimented on my jewelry while I work the floor at DWSF . Like being a Stella & Dot Stylist, the jewelry is so appealing that it is the reason why conversations start. Women are drawn to these pieces and I have definitely received some compliments from men. My business partner says I am the best dressed person he knows. I have to make our place look good, right? See previous posts: Rockin' My S&D Everyday #1 Boss Babe Although I do not have