Wine Log 2015 - Q3 & Q4

Opening up DWSF in late June has completely consumed me. I live in one of the most amazing cities in the world and so close to Wine Country. I have had so many opportunities to taste and try the most amazing wines, spirits and beer and am looking forward to starting a whiskey log. Here is what I have for the last half of 2015, but lacking notes. Regardless, each sip, glass and bottle is tied to wonderful memories with great friends.

Besides the first big event during Pride SF, we had a special opening and tasting with our investors and closest friends and family. I am not sure what my stepmother is drinking here and frankly I don't care. I'm happy to see them smile. Opening DW has been an 18-month long project in the works for me. It was a lot of work. I quit my full-time gig as an Office Manager  at a law firm two months before and I was not getting paid until after we opened. My father didn't think that was very smart but we were so close to being open. I knew I was taking a risk but I had to make the commitment. And look, it has paid off. Those are smiles I will never forget. 

I remember my father continuing to call me over while I was on the floor. I asked him if he was okay and he just wanted me to sit down next to him, put his around my shoulder and actually said, "You're good at this!" I know! I may not have gone to an Ivy League school or became a doctor or lawyer, but I am happy with what I do. And that's making people smile.

He was having a good time that night. Maybe it was the wine because he also challenged one of my bartenders, Ali, with the big biceps to an arm wrestling match on the bar. 

My Cugino's girlfriend is named Angela. My favorite is Pinot Noir and I had to send this to her. Look at that color!

I invited a few friends to come celebrate the first week of our opening. For a Sunday night, I had a great turnout and for some reason, it was black & white stripes for the ladies. I did not send out that memo but we did look good. 

I have been meaning to do a posting of all of my good friends and family that have stopped by in support of DW but haven't had a chance. I am so thankful.

Teresa and Tim aka TNT came by that Sunday night. They are always sharing such wonderful wines with me when we hang out and visit. I also had an opportunity to go to the French Laundry in place of Teresa with their friends I had dinner with that same weekend but I couldn't go. I had to work. Kristian loves teaching about wine and Chateauneuf du Pape has GSM for grapes. It's what Pope drinks. I had to have something special for TNT. They enjoyed this bottle and I have never had it before.  

Yeah, I don't remember this bottle but I've had it! Oops.

Shuck Love Sundays - Oysters and half-priced bottles of Drappier champagne. Decided to drive into the city to work in the sun on our patio, yes, on a Sunday. But completely dressed down in a 49ers shirt, jean shorts and flip flops.

My good buddy, Mykey, works at The Plant Cafe on The Embarcadero. It's been a long time since I've see him and barely recognized him. He ordered me a burger before the kitchen closed and I had my own wine tasting sesh right there at his bar. It's good to have friends. 

Tara, our Wine Director, constantly has tastings at the bar. Can't say I was a big fan of these.

After a photo shoot at DW, Laura and I spontaneously decided to go have dinner somewhere else. It's pretty rare for me and decided to get a little fancy. We picked Luce at The Intercontinental Hotel from OpenTable and it was sort of nearby. I had to walk in heels but it was worth it. It was gorgeous. I have a fascination for hotels. Perhaps one day, I'll actually work in one. To be honest, I don't know what we are drinking here but   we were at a beautiful spot and I had great company.

Portuguese wine in my Navarro Vineyards glass I purchased on my way up to Mendocino last year. I believe I cracked open this bottle at home because I had to cancel my plans to work. I don't remember exactly what those plans were but I did what I had to do so I guess it doesn't matter. This wasn't anything amazing from what I recall but wine was a shoulder to cry on when I just wanted to go out and play.

Like my Sunday to finish our first week of being open strong, occasionally I had events inviting friends and family to come have drinks with me as I really haven't had any time to be social outside of DW. Here is Tara pouring us a bottle of Drappier champagne. 

While tailgating in Austin at the University of Texas in September, there is wine in a carton like it's coconut water called Rex Goliath. I got John one of their t-shits. It had a big cock on it. He liked it. Lol. I think I had moscato taster. It's something to take on the go. Not to crack open for a dinner party. 

It's been a lot of work this past 6 months. Tara's commonly asked question when she sees me stressed in my office, "Do you want some wine?" She's like an angel.

This was taken after an 18-hour day. Tara came to the rescue again and I had to put the Cole Haan's up.

Halloween - 007 Party at Raymond Vineyards. I bought this dress for the Marine Corp Ball many years ago and managed to keep wine entirely off it. 

With my business partner, Matthew, repping DW.

Always expect sophistication when these two are together. :) Your DW Events Team went out to the first anniversary of The Hall on Market Street. We had free food and beverages, including wine. 

Thanks to Bridget Raymond, Christina and I, got to go to the SF Vintners Market event on the top floor of the Metreon. Ann of Lucre's Wine World also joined us. Sooo much wine! So much fun. 

New Orleans - our first dinner there and we went with a California Coppola bottle of Pinot Noir. I think the fire at our table was definitely after we opened this.

More from New Orleans, a Pinot Noir of course

It was Angela's birthday.

Thanksgiving - Cugino bottle of the best Merlot I've ever had. He shared this with us earlier that year while in a hot tub in Tahoe in January. This was tasty!

It was a slow day and two gents invited me to try this 18-year-old bottle of Dehlinger Pinot Noir. How could I say no?

Wine tasting at our bar with our bar manager, Anna.

Heading over to Christina's holiday party with these bottles. I have plenty of bottles at home so I might as well share! Mumm bubbly and a Barbera from Lake County that I received from the wife of my former boss. It was a hit at Christina's party.

Holiday dinner with my Nikki B. at Va Di Vie in Walnut Creek, CA. This was my first taste of ice wine. Sweet. 

And the year ends with more Drappier Champagne.

2016's log will be filled with notes. Promise. 

Have you had any of these?


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