Rockin' My S&D Everyday #2

I am still a Stella & Dot Stylist. It has been almost five years and I love all of their pieces. Stella & Dot is a local company that was started by Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris. The company is named after each of the grandmothers. What an honor. Half of their line is under $50 but adored and worn by many celebrities including singer Carrie Underwood, Orange is the New Black's Laura Prepon, and even featured on Jada Pinkett Smith on an episode of Gotham. Oh, Fish. Always stylin'.

I am constantly getting complimented on my jewelry while I work the floor at DWSF. Like being a Stella & Dot Stylist, the jewelry is so appealing that it is the reason why conversations start. Women are drawn to these pieces and I have definitely received some compliments from men. My business partner says I am the best dressed person he knows. I have to make our place look good, right?
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Although I do not have time to do trunk shows nowadays with being an Operating Partner and Events Director for my restaurant, I am still a Stylist and direct ladies to my online site HERE. The photos below will mention the names and cost of each of the pieces. If it says a Sample price, that means I am willing to part with it and that is the cost of the used item. Email me to inquire whether or not it is still available.

I enjoy fashion and am envious of those fashion bloggers that have a great number of followers and look good while doing it. Here are my attempts. What do you think? If you are Instagram, follow me on there. I really do rock my S&D everyday. (@bappletree)

This is one of my favorite pictures with my girlfriend, Christina. She is also a fan of S&D and is wearing the retired Mercury Necklace and I am wearing Madeline Pearl Necklace ($98) over a White House Black Market top. This was taken the Sunday after our very first week of opening. I invited my friends and family to come by on a Sunday night to close out our first week with a bang. I want to share what all of my hard work for the last year and a half has helped create. It was a memorable evening. I was glad Christina could be there. And that was also the night I first met her new guy, Evan. Take care of my girl, Evan! I'm watching you!

J.Lee is a nurse, also divorced but with children. She was out in San Francisco for a much deserved girls' night and she came by to see me. I have helped plan this girls' baby shower and we've had fun, tipsy evenings together. Again at DW, I'm wearing the retired Mae Necklace (Reg. $49, sample $25), the Arrison Stretch Bracelet ($34) that is also available in silver for $29, with a really old dress from Express.

My baby cousin, Matthew, came out to visit me with his beautiful wife, Chrissy. I haven't seen them since my 12-hour stay in Washington state for our cousin's wedding. They were in town to visit my Aunt and Uncle, have dinner with friends and head up to Tahoe for another wedding. Wedding, wedding, wedding! This Event Planner loves that!

"I am so impressed!" exclaims, Cousin Chrissy. This Southern Belle has some style so that means a lot to me. I love being able to have my loved ones dine in my restaurant. It makes me so happy.

But here I am wearing the formerly best-seller Bardot Hoops in gold ($34, Sample $15) with the popular Rebel Pendant ($79) over a red Express sleeveless top.

My Cugino ('cousin' in Italian) was my very first best friend. He supports me in everything I do. His girlfriend, Angela, is also a big supporter. She also loves S&D. I love seeing photos of her wearing items she has gotten thru me. And that's Haydee, Bevo, my Boston Terrier's, girlfriend. Here we are at their first taste of DW for brunch. I'm wearing the retired Palomino Necklace ($128, sample $50) over another Express top.

I had the pleasure of going to Kauai, Hawaii to see Katie and Jeremy get married before we opened. They just celebrated their one-year anniversary and have an adorable little girl named Gabi. It's great that they make sure they have date nights and I was honored they were able to come by. I'm wearing the retired Pippa Necklace in green ($69) over a Banana Republic dress I purchased at the Gilroy Outlets. I get many compliments in this dress, saying it's a good color on me. I always have to make it a point NOT to pick out black clothing while shopping. Like women are to S&D jewelry, I am drawn to black clothes.

See! I'm in all black. So if it wasn't for Adriana on my right, I would not have met Jeremy or Karla. I love expanding my circle of knowing such wonderful people. I'm rockin the bun that my hairstylist, Justina Downs, has taught me to do. Although it's hard to see, I'm wearing the sold out Jocelyn Earrings ($44) with an Express top, black jeans and a Coach belt.

"It's a man's world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl." - James Brown. I remember posting this on Instagram. My Brewer took this photo of DW's Ladies in Management working at the bar. Not a bad looking team, right? Mercedes is our Manager of anything and everything. That woman does so much. I don't think we could live without her. Then I, and our beautiful Tara Herrick, our Wine Director and Sommelier. Crazy to think that I am almost 10 years older than both of them.
I'm wearing the sold out Callie Necklace ($89?) and you guessed it! An Express top.

I honestly can't remember what these earrings are called but they are for sale! Does a fellow Stylist want to help a girl out? I'll sell this sample for $15. I am wearing just one strand of the Aria Necklace in silver ($98) plus the Mujicians Brewing Company t-shirt for a beer promotion we were having at DW. Have to support our brewers!

Whenever I see that I take these selfies without showing my eyes, it reminds me of when my roommate asks why I do that. I feel so tired all the time and work so much, I don't need to draw attention to my dark circles. If you're a beauty rep, send me a sample of something new to try. I have tried so many different products.

Here's another one without my eyes and an Express top! This is two of the three strands of the Zuni Layering Necklace ($98) and paired with the sold out Renegade Earrings. 

My sweet cousin, Noralisa, from Long Beach came up with a girlfriend wearing a kitten tank top. You can't miss her. She's adorable. Again, it's always great to share DW with my loved ones. She is doing so well for herself, marketing for a company called Emazing Lights that was also featured on Shark Tank. I'm wearing a customized charm necklace that has retired pieces on it including a paw print, a circular pieces that says 'mom' in three different languages, a blue birthstone and an angel wing. I wear my late grandfather's wedding ring every day so I added it to the necklace. I am also wearing the smaller hoop of the versatile Orbit Earrings ($39) over a White House Black Market sweater.

I am such the protective momma bear of DW. I am already on my feet when I hear that my staff isn't being treated right. "Don't antagonize Bernadette. She's like a pit bull." - my business partner. Besides protecting them, I also like to style them. I have taken our Wine Director shopping, my business partner has asked me to take our staff shopping a handful of times and I'm always adjusting collars on the men, fixing ties, moving necklace clasps to the back of the neck where they belong and hiding exposed shirt tags. Here is Mercedes and our hostess turned server, Rachel, wearing S&D. Mercedes is wearing what I have worn in an earlier picture with the red top, the Zuni Layering Necklace and Renegade Earrings. And Rachel is perfectly wearing the Zoe Lariat in gold ($98) over a purple dress. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love this picture. My staff is amazing. Just sayin'!

It's the beautiful Mercedes again, wearing the Zuni Layering Necklace again. See how it goes with so many colors? And I'm wearing the earrings I can't remember the name of, and the versatile Crescent Necklace in gold ($49). I remember this day. We were at our neighbors, The Cadillac Grill, with Kristian and other gents and we actually had dinner together. It has been so long since we have been able to do that.

My friend, Laura, and I decided to actually NOT eat dinner at DW. I found a spot on OpenTable that was sort of nearby. We actually walked thru a questionable few blocks and ended up at the Intercontinental Hotel and ate at Luce. "Oh you fancy, huh?" The hotel was absolutely beautiful and the food and service was incredible. Great company just made the evening away just wonderful. I'm wearing the Birdie Necklace without the feathers ($118) over a Banana Republic dress that a friend said "instantly clobbered" the guy he was trying to set me up with. I think he survived.

Here is Tara Herrick, our Wine Director and Sommelier, and Ms. Zagat '30 Under 30'. I offered to bring her jewelry to wear and she chose the Birdie Necklace ($118) of items I brought. She looked beautiful on an evening dedicated to the Guild of Sommeliers. 

Went to a University of Texas game with Christina. Hook 'em! I'm wearing the sold out Goddess Drop Earrings ($34) and engravable bar ($59) that reads 'FAITHFUL.' I may be in Texas but this California girl loves her 49ers. Christina is wearing the sold out Avalon Necklace ($34).

Another mirror selfie in Texas. This time still wearing the engravable bar and the sold out earrings that I again cannot remember what they're called with a Hot Miami Styles dress that my friend, Albert, called a Tinkerbell dress. Christina is wearing the Zoe Lariat ($98) in silver and rockin' her cowboy boots. 

Got this angled shot idea from fashion blogger's site. I am wearing the silver Sanibel Pendant ($69) over a Jeaja top, a designer out of Oakland. 

I honestly will never part with the sold out Layering Necklace from many years ago. I just absolutely love it. I do not know who makes this dress or the tights, but I am wearing Cole Haan boots and my DKNY jacket. 

For a fancy birthday dinner for Angela in New Orleans, I am wearing the Arrow Drop Necklace ($59) and Earrings ($49) with a Hot Miami Styles dress. I always travel with my jewels.

And lastly, here is some of my staff during a Mount Gay rum training and tasting. I'm just wearing the Zoe Lariat Necklace ($98) over a blue tank top at some random store at Southland Mall. It's OK to add a little sparkle to a cheap, everyday tank top.

Stella & Dot just released their Spring line. I just placed my order for new pieces yesterday and hope to have more pictures to share soon. Again, if there are any sample items you'd like to purchase, please let me know!

Which are favorite Stella & Dot pieces?
Do you have any items from any of these other brands?


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