Getting Ready for #250KTransform

Well, not today. Today I went to bed at 4:30 am, woke up a few times but got my bum out of bed at 2:30 pm with intentions of working out today. Needless to say, that did not happen. Instead I hung out with the Beeves and took in my view of the Bay from my couch. I have the house to myself so I enjoyed it.

I was also supposed to clean and be productive. Surprise, surprise, that did not happen. What did happen was continuing to read Whisk(e)y Distilled by Heather Greene, order sushi from Eat24 because I had no intentions of cooking or going out, watched last weekend's episode of The Royals (I'm obsessed!), finished the last episode of Dracula, watched The Hangover Part III, Into the Woods and Big Hero 6. Quoted some lines from them on my Twitter page (@bappletree). Not that condone cheating, this did make me laugh:

"Have a child for warmth, have a baker for bread & a prince for whatever." - Baker's Wife from Into the Woods. LOL.

So I chose entertainment today over getting ready for the next challenge that starts in 10 days. Mind you, before photos will have to be taken and posted and those are also so much fun. I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow. The Hot Chocolate run is also next weekend. I haven't ran a 5K since Halloween. Pray for me. I can do it. It's just not going to be pretty.

I have been going to the gym almost everyday for the #30DaysofFit challenge and didn't really like my measurements as of yesterday. I do however like my legs, especially in my new and only pair of Jimmy Choos I wore for our New Year's Eve party. Here I am with 'Best Friend.' Check out those shoes tho!

I'm working on those abs but I am obsessed with working my back. Visible results back there is a goal, as well as arms. My tris are visible without flexing but my arms could be less squishy. So much to work on but getting stronger and increasing weights. I just need to get my diet down.

I will be giving up soda. For the past month, I had a few bottles at work. Even decided to have one last night. I also am giving up coffee. I got back into it since our trip to New Orleans and going to Cafe Du Monde twice! 

I also need to start tracking what I eat. I don't have time to meal prep but need to stock the house and office with healthy snacks. And though this will be difficult with the industry I am in, I will be limiting alcohol consumption. I can already hear myself justifying tastings as a way for me to learn. SF Restaurant Week and Beer Week are happening the same time period. Good heavens. There are a lot of temptations, it's just a matter of being able to resist them. Let's see how I do.

2015 has been a wonderful year. I started working out back in 2007 but have never been as focused as I have this previous year. I have over 4000 photos I need to get rid of on my phone but it's pretty cool to see some of the fitness pics of where I've been. 

I saw a meme that says if you still look pretty after a gym sesh, you're doing it all wrong. This is Tanya and I in February or so after doing a core workout that my roommate, Will, instructed me to do. She made me laugh, "Ugh, you got me to have sweat in my hair!" Oh, honey.

May 2015 - Supported my cousin at his first fitness show. It was motivating. Women looked incredible at 40+ and within 3 years of having a baby! There are no excuses for me.

June 2015 - Just a month away of opening DWSF. Makeup is still on so I definitely made time for a much-needed workout.

October 2015 - During a friend's birthday 80's bar crawl after doing the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, this happened. I could use abs definition but I still didn't mind channeling my inner Chili and posing. These pics just keep me motivated. Love these boys.

December 2015 - it's nice that according to my scale and this chart, I'm 'athletic.' I'll take it.

I am looking forward to this next challenge. I have quite a few people signing up and have gotten my employees guest passes for Fitness SF. Can't wait!

How was your 2015 in terms of fitness? 
What do you want to change?
What could you have done better?

Good luck!


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