2016 Beer Log - January

This log may be lacking as I will be beginning Bodybuilding.com's #250KChallenge for the next 12 weeks with 11 members of my staff and 4 of my friends as of January 11th. However, SF Restaurant Week AND Beer Week will be taking place very soon. The Guild of Sommeliers is also having a unique event with us at DWSF on January 10th. I will have to partake in some of the events.

I am currently reading Whisk(e)y Distilled by Heather Greene and John, my Brewer, leant me Ashley Rouston's Beer Wench's Guide to Beer.  That book is next in the queue. Perhaps then, I can speak on beer a bit more.

Beer will be added to this as they are tasted. I will not be including beers I have had in the past and choose to drink again. As of early January, Fieldwork's Coconut Double IPA is the only one that falls into that category. 

How good is the Coconut DIPA? We had an investor in for dinner and I found him looking at our beer list. I immediately recommended it not knowing the keg has kicked and we were saving what we did have for SF Beer Week. This beer was actually my first sip of alcohol this year. I requested only half a pint. I had a meeting with the President of a company I met at a Chamber of Commerce networking event. I had to share with him what I think is good. He concurred.

So let's get started! Cheers!

At DWSF, we will be having a luncheon and beer training on Monday, the 18th, and then a beer pairing dinner using Mother Earth beers. It's a tough life when you get to taste the beers with your Brewer and Chefs. I personally liked the Boo Koo the best. 

As trained by my Brewer, I get 'All The Beer' when I go to a new brewery. Well, I didn't get every single beer but did partake of their flights. For $2 each, you got three pours from their house beers. Those are pretty nice pours right? For $2!?! Thank you! Here is the the something Bore IPA, Facepunch IPA and the Ditzy Blonde. My favorite was the Bore IPA. I usually drink the flight after tasting them based on how I rank them, leaving my favorite to drink the last.

I grew up in the Concord, CA and Martinez, CA area and have never been here, or Hop Grenade next door. When I lived out here, I was going to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner before the Homecoming Dance and meeting up at Wuong Luang for Fried Ice Cream. I'll have to come back to try Hop Grenade.

New Belgium
Met a very interesting woman that began a non-profit to benefit children in foster homes and those that have been adopted. She was adopted herself and has done well putting on events such as celebrity basketball games like the one coming up at a local school for Super Bowl Weekend. We were chatting for a good 30 minutes before I offered her a Moscow Mule, which was on our Happy Hour menu. We got to know each other and I was envious of her working in sports marketing, we both have a legal background and think Luke Bryan is good looking. One thing we touched on about DW is that we have 'the best of everything.' She said she likes White Zinfindel and doesn't drink beer. Hold on! I don't doubt my Wine Director can suggest something for her. My Brewer walked by and told him the situation on my hands. He poured us both a taste of NB's Blackberry Barrel Aged beer. He geeked out a little bit on beer while I took this photo. It smelled divine and it reminded me of a Fruit Roll. I love me some Fruit Rolls. She liked it as well and was so surprised. Delicious.

Also from New Belgium is the release of the Citradelic IPA. We have it on tap for a release event on Jan. 13th from 5-8pm. I got to taste it. It's made with 9 different hopes and tangerine juice and oranges. NB has been promoting it like crazy via social media but in cans. We don't have cans or bottles. All beers at DW are on tap.

On the event day of the Citradelic release, January 13th, we had a pretty good turnout plus over 100 covers. I got the flight and just to taste them all. 

It was the Ranger, Hop Stout, Citradelic and Accumulation. The Ranger didn't stand out to me, I used to love stouts but wasn't in the mood, I enjoyed the Citradelic the best and I thought the Accumulation was too light for my taste. Everyone else loved it. To each their own.

Mujicians Brewing Co
I have had numerous of John's beer at their house during get togethers but it's been some time. Here he is bringing me one of his own. Again, just a taste! Damn, diet. But I'm so lucky to have such an honor to taste something no one else has gotten to enjoy. Lucky me. If only I remembered what it was... I'll have to ask. But remember that face. He'll be known in the beer world and I'm glad I can call him my friend. 

Mother Earth Brew Co
Monday morning at 10 am, the day started with an overall beer training by my business partner for our staff. This was Kristian loves to do: teach. He is full of knowledge and always has a tidbit and story to share. Here he is, building people to build a business. I am not nearly as knowledgable on this topic but I am enjoying learning more! 

Then at 11 am, a so-called full event on Eventbrite for a Mother Earth Beer training was provided by The Mujicians' Brewer, John. Unfortunately, only 5 of the 30 people that registered for this event actually attend. Lesson learned.

Though attendance was lacking, we still had a good time and I loved being able to sit down with our staff, learn more about the beers and be together. I have the best job ever! Look at these happy faces!

Yes, Court, beer for breakfast.

My Blueberry Nightmare
We had 48 Hours of Sour. Half of our lines were taken over by sour beers. This was pre-SF Beer Week. John was happy we sold a lot of expensive beer. The one that caught my eye was the blueberry one brewed with hot chili and barreled in oak for two years with blueberries. I had a taste and it was delicious. It is also made in Italy!

Almanac's Truthful Statement
SF Beer Week started right after SF Restaurant Week and we have two great menus for lunch and dinner. Dinner's dessert is a foie gras glazed doughnut. Say what?!? OMG, I joked with Michelle, our Pastry Chef, that she's sabotaging my #250KChallenge. But as a good Partner, if I'm going to sell this menu, what do you look forward to? The dessert? And I indulged, splitting it with my Sunshine and other staff members. They need to know how delicious it is too. So here it is:

And here it is almost gone, with a taste of this beer that John suggests to pair it with. Tasty! 

It was good, but I preferred the Fitz Haag Riesling instead, paired perfectly by our Wine Director and Sommelier, Tara. See current Wine Log soon.

And here comes SF Beer Week. I am looking forward to our $50 3-course Mother Earth Brew Co. beer pairing dinner happening on. Sunday, Jan. 24th.

Almanac Beer Co. - Mandarina
Sooo tasty! SnapChat fun with some ladies in management. 

Our first beer pairing dinner with Mother Earth Brew Co. Boo Koo Tropical IPA, Ante Up and Sin Tax Peanut Butter Stout. Delicious. My favorite was the Boo Koo.

Pig's Head Croquettes paired with the Boo Koo.

My lawyer friend and his family came by and had a nice time with the Brewer. 

After a hike (see blog), I always want a beer. John knows about Devil's Slide Taproom in Pacifica, CA so no complaints, we went there and I had the Karl Strauss Raspberry. Pretty good!

Quite a selection.

Courtney and I went back to Super Bowl City to distribute more coupons and had the Goose Island IPA.

More to come including in the next month, February 2016, with Belching Beaver and Cleophus Queley that was just listed in Thrillist's "13 New SF Breweries You Have to Try Immediately.


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