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It's Gonna Be May

I'm sure you've seen it. If you have a friend named May, the *Nsync memes are overtaking your Facebook and Instagram feed, right? Tomorrow ends the month of April and I was 10 posts behind the daily blog post challenge. For this Monday Motivation post, I will keep going until I reach that 30 count. Better late than never! May is turning out to be a busy month. Not surprising for this One Busy Bee. I finally have a set schedule for my part time job as a Concierge at the Argonaut Hotel at Fisherman's Wharf. I really do like the job, what I'm doing, the hotel and staff, and how the time spent here contributes to my experience in the travel and tourism industry, all the while continuing in the hospitality industry as well. Working only about 30 hours a week, it will finally allow me to schedule workouts, get in some sort of sleeping pattern and work on my business as a Travel Agent . There is so much to do! So far since I received the month's work schedule

The Bevo Post - April 2018

One special puppy is approaching the double digits! Surprisingly, that puppy, Bevo, also has developed separation anxiety. It seems we are both going through a lot of changes right now. Bevo was never a barker. Now, when he is left in his area when I go to work, he barks for at least 45 minutes, which is down from 1.5 hours. I can see him via my Nest cam. He's on medication and aromatherapy. The vet said it could possibly be him going a bit senile. How sad. Unfortunately, I have to go to work and cannot stay with him every minute. But I try to make him have a good life at home. Now with my dog loving roommate, she has really helped. Now with his barking, I believe we took our last vacation together. Here we are in Los Angeles this past February for a travel agent seminar and some additional cute ones. Follow him on Instagram at 'BevotheBoston'. Turns out, he's not the only Bevo that is a Boston Terrier. Who knew!?! **** Apri

Segway Virgin No More

As a Travel Agent and a Concierge for one of the best hotels at Fisherman's Wharf, I should have a TripAdvisor profile, right? I stopped Yelp -ing (7 years Elite status, btw) because I wanted most of my content on my blog but now I'm thinking the more users can see that I have experience via many sites, the better. So let's try this. I was invited to review the San Francisco Electric Tour Company after an amazing experience on TripAdvisor and Yelp . My good friend and fellow entrepreneur of ACT Language Schools , Nikki B., were happy to do so! Here it is!  Please like or give us a thanks to our reviews!  On Tripadvisor ... A segway? That's for lazy people and Paul Blart , right? Melanie, our Tour Guide, did crack jokes that Americans are lazy but her jokes won't stop there so keep up! This was my first segway tour and I brought along a dear friend who was also a first-timer. We arrived 15 minutes early, as instructed, with our close-toed shoes a


I thought I had a lot of stuff. My new roommate made the move over (hilariously from across the walkway) and holy moly, she has so many belongings. The kitchen counter was completely covered and I had to toast my english muffin with the toaster propped up on a bar stool. A girls gotta eat! She did sell a round kitchen table and I sold my former roommate's dresser that he left behind via LetGo. Television commercials have advertised the app that allows you to list your belongings for sale. Interested parties in the area will message you if it's still available, ask if the price is negotiable and ask if there is any wear or tear. The exchanging of money is usually in person after negotiations have been made and a price has been agreed upon.  I had quite of a few people interested in the dresser but it was a matter of responsiveness and how quickly the person can get there to close the sale. I had a family of four come by on a Monday night. They inspected it. It was

Forrest & the Bay

Quite similar to my recent Sharks & Puppies post, this blog post title has quite the similarities yet many differences. Not only am I bringing them together in one day, it was also the reason for bringing me together with my best friend and my niece and nephew, whom I call my Little Loves. On this particular day, I was lucky to take advantage of my Concierge benefits and take people I love to enjoy what this beautiful city, San Francisco, has to offer. Along with all its differences. On different days, thankfully consecutively, I had the pleasure of seeing my best friend and my Little Loves in San Francisco near my work. They came by my work and I was able to step away for my 10-minute break to have a bite with them at The Blue Mermaid. We shared the delicious crab cakes and fish and chips, and we shared a table of laughs and catching up a bit. I snuck away for more hugs and love and to steal some of Nate's delicious vanilla ice cream. On their way out, I got e