Thank you for your interest in advertising on One Busy Bee. The blog started for fun and personal reasons in September of 2009. Today, it has grown past 190,000 hits, averaging 2,200+ hits per month and is supported through social media covering topics of a mid-30s female entrepreneur, Event Planner & Coordinator and business owner, living in the San Francisco Bay Area with interests in dining, fashion, fitness, travel and empowering women.

All-Time top posts include travel, entertainment, event planning and highlighting other women-owned small business owners.

Interested in collaborations, especially during the upcoming trips:

February 2019 - Fiji
March 2019 - Melbourne, Australia, New Zealand cruise via Princess Cruises
June 2019 - Mexico
July 2019 - Las Vegas, Nevada, Denver, Colorado for Hoopla (Stella & Dot Sales Conference)
October 2019 - Hawai'i Food & Wine Festival, Maui

Past collaborations includes Warby Parker &
Event write-ups on the Maui & the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival (October 2017, October 2018)

Top readers reside in the United States, Russia and Germany.

Statistics as December 2018:
Recent 3-Month Average Blog Monthly Hits - 2,200+
Recent 3-Month Average Blog Daily Hits - 87+
Twitter Followers (@bappletree) - 2,121
Twitter Followers (@OneBusyBeeEnt) - 298
Twitter Followers (@WereHungryToo) - 190

Instagram Followers (@bappletree) - 1,208. 54% Female, 46% Male, mostly ages 25-34 and in San Francisco.
Instagram Weekly Impressions - 3,100+
Instagram Weekly Profile Views - 115
Instagram Followers (@OneBusyBeeEnt) - 259
Instagram Followers (@WereHungryToo) - 654
Instagram Followers (@BevoTheBoston) - 235
Google+ Followers - 219
Snapchat Points - 34,600+
Snapchat Story Views (avg) - 45
LinkedIn Connections - 1,228
Yelp Friends - 621
Yelp Checkins - 8,200+, Avg. 90/month
Swarm Friends - 86
Swarm Checkins - 5,800+,  Avg. 124/month
Pinterest Followers - 172

Product, restaurant and services review and event coverage. Sample products, meals, services and event admission or a media pass must be provided or hosted. Open to travel with covered or discounted accommodations. Photos ideally would be taken and copyrighted by me.

I have the right to decline advertising requests.


Worker Bee
One blog post
One Instagram post
One Tweet per week for one month

Honey Bee
One blog post
Two Instagram posts
Three Tweets per week for one month

Queen Bee
One blog post
Four Instagram posts
Six Tweets per week for one month

Featured Blog Post per week (due to availability)
Featured Blog Post for one month  (due to availability)

Repeat Customers:
Enjoy 10% off posts packages.

Trade or Collaborations:
I will gladly consider ongoing sponsorships and partnerships for discounts or marketing trade.

Next steps:
A discussion via phone and/or email of your request and objectives will be needed. Terms, expectations, timelines and deliverables will be outlined in an agreement that will need to be signed and dated by the Client and myself. An invoice will be created via Paypal. Full payment of the invoice will need to be paid in full before work is to begin.

Bernadette Manzano
Please indicate your full name, your contact information including phone number, the package you are interested in, etc.

Connect with me:
SnapChat 'bappletree

I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo by Dylan Douglas Photography


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