First Time Via Qantas

We have just arrived in Melbourne and are currently sitting at the café at the Jasper Hotel. The reception desk for our hotel doesn't open for another forty minutes. Here, we are able to sit with our four pieces of luggage, use Victoria region's complimentary wi-fi and stay connected. We were also able to Coconut and Macadamia Nut Waffles and an Avacodo Smash post our first flight on Qantas. My roommate, Kim, and I safely flew for 15-hours from San Francisco. An exciting video is posted on my personal Instagram at @bappletree.

SFO was easy to get thru via security. Having Clear helped (let me send you a free month), but I am most likely going to get global entry when I return to the states. We ate at Gott's pre-flight and did some yoga while our phones charged until we were ready to board. We waiting just past our boarding time as there's no need to wait in line just to sit down. It was nice to see that there was no longer a wait when we finally reached our gate. The staff was friendly and welcoming. Be prepared to show your passport and your boarding pass at least three times.

It was a large plane and we sat in row 41. Our seats came with a welcome pouch with ear plugs, an eye mask, a toothbrush and toothpaste. I still use my eye mask from JetBlue. But a third eye mask could be useful! The seat also had a red blanket in a plastic bag. I brought my own so this left unopened.

I sat down, got myself situated and observed what will be available to me for the next 15 hours. I had my own personal screen for entertainment which I didn't have to pay for. It was touch screen as well. You did not have to press hard or repeatedly to recognize your commands. Lucky for me and the child sitting in front me. No hard and frustrating pressing was going to be taking place at the back of my head either.

Just underneath the screen, find a pull down shelf if you will where you can prop up your electronic device (tablet or iPhone) to view your downloaded videos or books. Inside that compartment was a USB power outlet. YES! American and Southwest experiences lately did not have this available. I think every plane should have this. Don't you?

The screen was filled with movies, TV show options, music and games. My screen was occupied with A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody and Vogue: My Sponsored Life. Grammy nominated movies and some educational shows definitely kept me entertained.

In the same compartment was a band to hold things in place against the back. I securely placed my phone there when I wasn't using it. It helped avoid it falling out when you abruptly open this compartment. As well all know, contents may have shifted during the course of the flight. I thought that was a great feature.

The food was decent. I had the chicken salad with a cherry vinaigrette. I don't think I was that hungry to devour some nice-sized pieces of chicken. I did enjoy the chocolate mousse when I was actually hungry. Candies were offered about an hour before breakfast. I chose my favorite: the Kit Kat. Breakfast was also offered. I selected the bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs and hash browns. The roasted tomato was good and the hash brown was crispy.

The staff was great. Very friendly and they looked like they enjoyed their job. It truly makes a difference. There wasn't very many interruptions to our entertainment viewing by the cockpit. Bathrooms were fully stocked as well.

Perhaps it was because I was sitting in a middle seat, but it seemed a bit cramped for my 5'1" body. You may shape the headrest. This helped me not irritating Kim as I slept.

It was a great experience so well done, Qantas. We will be taking the same airline for our return in two weeks. I also applaud your social media attention.

Let me help you book your trip to Melbourne, Australia or New Zealand. Kim and I headed out to see via the Golden Princess tomorrow afternoon.

We are ready to explore Melbourne! Please follow me on social media (Instagram, SnapChat @bappletree) for real time photos and videos.


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