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So Much Talent

What an honor it was to work with Dylan Douglas Photography again in January. See our 2014 photo shoot HERE . This time I introduced him to Hair Stylist, Jasmin Rouse . I met Jasmin while at a mutual friend's wedding in Kauai in October. We immediately became friends. Her husband was the Best Man and I went stag so we had some time to get to know each other.  She is a mother of two, also lives in the East Bay and is quite the beauty. You can't miss her. It makes sense that she would have the talent to make people look and feel beautiful. While house and dog sitting for friends over Thankgiving weekend in Brentwood, Ca, I thought Jasmin and I could catch up. We met up at my favorite spot in the area for sushi, Shirasoni, and had drinks, sushi and teppenyaki. I used to do a Stella & Dot jewelry display on Thursday nights there so it was good to see some staff I used to see on a weekly basis. Plus, I am always willing to help folks that have helped me.  Jasmin and I

They Love Stella & Dot Too!

I wear Stella & Dot pieces every single day! I love seeing my customers, friends and family enjoying their pieces as well. I enjoy seeing how they wear it, with what other pieces (even non-Stella Dot items) and their full ensemble and where they wear it to! Check out some examples below. If you're a customer of mine, feel free to send me your pics! I would love to see them. Remember, you can earn free jewelry and accessories by hosting a trunk show or even an online trunk show. Contact me to schedule yours. But feel free to shop my page 24 hours a day. Actress & Model, Megan Zerga , (an former Stella & Dot Stylist) wearing the sold out and discontinued Campari Necklace. Photo by Maurice Ramirez . Angela & Tiffany both trying on the Serenity Necklace (Originally $198) at an impromptu trunk show in Oceanside, CA. These ladies love their S&D . Keep scrolling down. My lovely Mary Kay rep, Christina Vela , and someone I have known since g

Wine Log - 2015 Q2

This is a continuation of my wine log on a quarterly basis ( 2014 & 2015 Q1 ). Transitioning from Office Manager of a law firm to Operating Partner of DWSF is in full effect and expanding of my knowledge of all things Food & Beverage is necessary. I am in the middle of a 30-Day Fitness Challenge using Shredz supplements and am prepping for 's #StillInIt 6-week challenge beginning on April 20th. Drinking won't benefit me in these challenges so I expect this log will not be extensive, but when I do drink, it will help me remember what I have tasted. Bottles The Naked Grape - Pinot Grigio Per my Influenster review: "Found this bottle at Target and it was on sale for $5.49. I have had alright bottles of wine for under $10 (think 2 buck Chuck aka Charles Shaw) so I was willing to give this a shot. I am going for the Italian Wine Specialist certification but feel I should get as much knowledge and taste as many wines as possible, even if they&

Rockin' My S&D Everyday

It has been almost five years since I signed up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist. It has been fun and I have met many wonderful people and women thru marketing the pieces and doing trunk shows. I have had supportive friends and family and had eight women on my team at one point. Nowadays, I haven't had the time to invest in this business but I love the flexibility of it. My site is up 24-hours a day and I am a walking billboard with all the pieces I wear every single day. I either post pics on my Facebook page or via my Instagram (user: bappletree). The new Summer Collection just launched and I made a few purchases. I have tons of samples still and have tried to sell them thru friends and family, the few trunk shows I do do and via my Facebook page. But I wanted new pieces to add to my very large collection, especially with my new adventure happening at DWSF in San Francisco. I alerted my cousin of my recent shopping spree and she said I need to 'model' them. Oh, th

My First Beer Log

To accompany my ongoing wine logs ( 2014 & 2015 Q1 ), a beer log is now needed. I have a new love for beer since my spontaneous trip to Boston with Christina last October. We toured the Samuel Adams brewery and met some great Canadians. From then, I have a greater appreciation and thirst for beer. I am sure this makes my business partner, Kristian, happy. He makes beer, grows his own hops and is no doubt a beer lover. When we first met in 2006, I didn’t really like wine or beer. Nine years later, I am finally on board with learning and drinking more beer.  Kristian used to work at a popular spot in Downtown San Francisco. I asked if his establishment had room for one of my Legal Clerks to hold his birthday there. He definitely hooked it up and I have always been a big supporter of him so of course I wanted to bring him some business. That evening, Kristian brought me a bottle of beer to taste. He knows my taste and with a hesitant look on my face, he said, “Damnit, Dankle,