's #200KTransform Challenge's 12-week transformation challenge was a contest for one male and one female to win $40,000 each. My Paralegal, Justin, convinced me to do it. My good girlfriend, Nikki, and Tatiana disclosed they are doing their first fitness competition in August. They signed up as well. 

Before pics: 1/10/15
After pics: 3/24/15

I was nervous about posting these but F it, it is what it is. In the end, changes were made and it has been so much fun doing the challenge with wonderful friends. Thanks for the support to those that endured my fitness postings, kicked my ass at the gym (Dylan & Justin!), brought me bottles of water instead of a cocktail and being ok with me drooling and staring while they ate their pizza, French fries and dessert. Oh, the dessert!!!

"I know I said I wanted abs, BUT I was hungry."

I definitely tried to avoid drinking and think I did alright. I could improve there but I AM opening a bar, y'know?!  It's called 'research' and I'm sticking to it! Gimme a break. Saying no to alcohol is way harder to say no to than sweets and carbs. 

This newbie runner can do a mile under 10 minutes and a 5K without dying. Goal is to get to a 10K by the summer. Protein powder were my only suppls until I added's CLA to the mix with 3 weeks left in the challenge. I meal prepped, logged my food and workouts (til DW needed some major attention), felt guilty when I actually did take a rest day and slowly moved about with soreness and pride.

The best part, besides my male Clerk saying I have shoulders like Lebron, was doing a flex or post-workout photo exchange with Nikki. Examples include sweat dripping down from ...places, face flushed, hair just God awful, funny and exhausted expressions, pics that made us feel sexy and even some silly booty-booty shots. Love that girl. Photo exchange continues. We keep each other in check and motivate each other. This was her brilliant idea and I love it!

Down 8 lbs, lowered BMI, body fat percentage but am stronger and not finished yet. Next up is the 30-day #Shredztransformation challenge with some beautiful family members. This started 4/3, upon my return from Mexico. Goal is to be down another 2% body fat. Went down 2% in 80 days but this time I'll be taking more supplements. And I just signed up for's 6-week #StillInIt challenge for $15K. This challenge starts April 20th.

Summer goal is to lower body fat another 2%(!) and have the sexiest damn stomach I've ever had.

Until April 3rd!

Arms work out with Justin

Really hated these side profile shots but I can definitely see some changes and I'm ok with that.

I think the girls and I kicked some ass!

Did you do challenge? Are we connected at Why not? Add me! 'bappletree'


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