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Initial Wedding Reflection

I should write about the wedding weekend I coordinated in San Francisco at the beautiful Terra SF and Bently Reserve however there is so much I want to write about. I know I’ll miss something as there were so many details. First and foremost, my bride and groom were fantastic! You couldn’t ask for better clients. No Bridezilla outbursts, raising of the voices or smashing of cakes. I lucked out and after a few hiccups that I had to troubleshoot by executive decision, their sincere appreciation for my and my team’s hard work was communicated verbally, thru hugs, sincere face expressions and in writing. It made the 20-hour days back-to-back, aching muscles and foot blisters all the worthwhile. The planning portion covered a variety of tasks and I learned so much. I am thankful for the bride and groom’s trust and the very opportunity to learn as much as I did while on the job. A few tasks I am more familiar with include vacation rentals in San Francisco, the variety of rental items

When will I slow down?

When will I slow down? I have no idea. I have a lot on the brain right now. Just heard a family rumor that someone in our generation has received more bad news. I guess it's around my age now that things start to seem like a reality. You read about illnesses, accidents, deaths and there are people that are around it all the time, but at my age it's probably inevitable. A few cousins are getting together to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event in San Francisco on Saturday, October 17th. I usually do these sorts of things with my boyfriend, but it's nice that I'll have family members with me this time. If you have a moment, please sponsor TEAM LAGADE. Make a tax-deductible donation to help us make new discoveries in the fight against (breast) cancer. I haven't done that well of a job fundraising. Times are tough nowadays and I f
I am super busy but as I’m almost a week into my 30 th year of life, I should take a moment and write down moments and feelings that make up my life. I’m not doing this because I think people are very interested in my life but for me to look back on and think about things that make me happy, make me sad, the challenges I’ve faced and have overcome in this whirlwind they call life. This past weekend I’ve come to realize again that there is not enough time in the day to everything I need to do and I need to make some changes. But I will one day at a time. No need for drastic changes but minor improvements will go a long way. Not only did I miss a homework assignment I needed to do last weekend, I was at church yesterday at a Filipino mass/festival in Martinez , CA honoring the first Filipino saint, Saint San Lorenzo Ruiz. It was at the same place where we had my grandmother’s, Luisa Abran, funeral at three years ago. And also the same place that my father first got to hold h