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20 Minutes

In an English class in high school in Vancouver, Washington, the class would have a five or so minute period to free write every day. I would use it as a journal of what I did over the weekend, what my boyfriend and I were going thru and the like. It was a time to express yourself without being judged, caring about punctuation or your handwriting. It was just for you. Little did I know that I was supposed to turn it in after awhile. I was so embarrassed and hoped my male teacher didn't actually read every line. But he did. And made comments! I was approached today by a popular job posting site about possibly writing a blog post about my first job and challenges I had to overcome. In a brief summary I submitted for my consideration, it brought me back to these free write sessions because it was a busy day and I was in denile that they would actually want me to write for them so prose was sent in. Regardless of what I wrote, it was the truth. And like my English teacher, the reci

2015 Beer Log Continues...

I have clearly been slacking on blogging and have recently started drinking more beer because we ( DWSF ) have Fieldwork Brewing 's Coconut Double IPA back on tap. I have already had it three times this week. But before I jump back into it, this is a continuation of this log that I started back in April. Eight months later, this might get a little lengthy. You've been warned. I must refer to my Untappd ('bappletree') app for notes. Again, this is no way a log by a long-time beer lover. Like my Wine Logs, this is to help me and share with anyone that is interested of beers I have tasted to help define what beers I do and do not like. There are SO many to choose from. Plus, every sip is accompanied with memories and often great company. We, DWSF, are a brewery after all. I need to know what I'm talking about. Check out the funny version of our group photo that was NOT sent out as a holiday greeting to our customers and friends. If you know Kristian and I personally,

"121 First Dates" Book Launch Party - January 14, 2016

Remember the Kickstarter video that was shot at Dirty Water for Wendy Newman's '121 First Dates' book? If not, see it HERE .  See behind the scene photos and read more about the shoot HERE . Her book launch party with prizes, apps and fun will take place on Thursday, January 14th from 6-8 PM at Dirty Water. Get a glass of Faire La Fete bubbly from France for $10 a glass. Join us! Dirty Water Restaurant & Bar 1355 Market Street, Suite 180 San Francisco, CA 94103 415-792-5108


It has been quite a year with a lot to reflect on. Now that the craziness of holiday parties are done for the month at DW, I have a second to breathe and think about, but more importantly write down, my goals for 2016. I just updated my post for 2015's goals. I could have done better but that's where 2016 comes into play: a time to make up or do it better this time around. So let me take a stab at this list.... 1) Travel internationally Since 2012, I have been able to make this happen. Nikki B. has inspired me to do this with her travels to Central & South America to improve her Spanish. I want to go back to Europe. I miss Italy. I want to stay on the Amalfi Coast and look out at the ocean from my balcony every morning. I want to drink wine again in Tuscany. I want to shop in Milan. I want to be in love in Verona.  Bordeaux would be my second choice.  UPDATE 11/26/16 - I went back to Italy in October 2016. I did shop in Milan and I had wine in Florence.

Women Wednesday: New Year, New You, New Friends Networking Event - 1/6/2016

The new year is the best time to evaluate the year before and a fresh start. Please join us for an evening dedicated to you saying goodbye to 2015 and welcoming 2016 with a well-deserved cocktail and to make new friends by networking with like-minded women. As with every Women Wednesday event, prizes can be won and proceeds will go to a local non-profit. Your visit will benefit GirlVentures , a San Francisco organization empowering Bay Area girls to develop and express their strengths through outdoor adventures.  Come dressed in your business casual attire and meet women like Dirty Water's Tara Herrick, Wine Director and Sommelier, who was featured in Zagat's ' 30 Under 30 .' She has accomplished so much at 25-ye ar-old. Also meet women who are Personal Trainers, dancers, teachers, yoga instructors, a Notary Public, a Stella & Dot Stylist and much more. Who do you want to meet? What do you do? What are your goals for 2016? Let us know in the comments sect