2015 Beer Log Continues...

I have clearly been slacking on blogging and have recently started drinking more beer because we (DWSF) have Fieldwork Brewing's Coconut Double IPA back on tap. I have already had it three times this week. But before I jump back into it, this is a continuation of this log that I started back in April. Eight months later, this might get a little lengthy. You've been warned. I must refer to my Untappd ('bappletree') app for notes. Again, this is no way a log by a long-time beer lover. Like my Wine Logs, this is to help me and share with anyone that is interested of beers I have tasted to help define what beers I do and do not like. There are SO many to choose from. Plus, every sip is accompanied with memories and often great company. We, DWSF, are a brewery after all. I need to know what I'm talking about. Check out the funny version of our group photo that was NOT sent out as a holiday greeting to our customers and friends. If you know Kristian and I personally, the below is kind of expected. Love my staff.

To begin, this is not in any particular order like the last log.

Fieldwork Brewing's Coconut Double IPA
As mentioned, this was #3 in one week THIS week. I was finally winding down and getting ready for a brief break with Christmas approaching because we had a crazy few weeks with events at DWSF. I worked almost 19 days straight. I had one day off, last Tuesday, and it was fabulous. Still came into the city but it was worth it. So this pic here was when Ms. Laura of InVine came down to give us a greeting card and say hello. I had to sit down with her and chit chat for a second. That woman is a lot of fun. So much energy, big smile and rocks that bold lipstick. Notice the Pumas and jeans. I took a break from the many dresses. Becca from Cover also came down to visit that week and was shocked to see me so 'dressed down.' I'm usually dressing the part as Partner.

But the beer! OMG, this beer is so good. The first time we had it on tap, the staff quickly helped finish off the keg and they stopped making it. It smells like it's something you should have while on the beach of Hawaii. Then again, I'd have absolutely anything while on the beach of Hawaii. Can't go wrong with that destination. When John, our Brewer and with Mujicians Brewing Company, said he bought more, I asked him to put it on last Friday and had Kaptain try it. He doesn't like IPAs but he liked this one. I jokingly said it's like sipping on a bottle of sunscreen. That comment didn't deter him from having a glass of his own later that evening. Good! That is what is so great about being open to trying new things. It may surprise you and you might like it. Looks like I'll be drinking more beer as long as we have this on tap. Sorry, Wine.

Ugly holiday Niners sweater. Just like our season. It HAD to be said!
Bon Marche's Sur Lie
Our neighbor's house made beer. Well one of them. I was having a rough day and John and I had a chat at the bar where I finished off the Fieldwork DIPA that I started with Laura. He said, "Let's go to Bon Marche and try their pilsner." Sure. Sometimes I need to allow myself to leave DW. So we did. I was able to vent, get some advice from a guy's perspective and enjoy a beverage with a view of their brewery. It's unfiltered and John described it as very 'minerally.' Because it was unfiltered, it automatically reminded me of a hef and I'm not a fan of hefs. Nice head, though.

Wait, what? Every time I have a common, mass-produced beer, I feel guilty and have to tell John. Tara and I never get to drink together so she and I HAD to take a photo of us doing this shameful act of holding what we're drinking and send it to John. Haha, look at Richard behind us. He doesn't even know why we're doing this! With this being our presumed last stop on our Mid-Market DW/Shore.../FRB group holiday bar crawl at The Hot Spot and after multiple shots of tequila, this beer didn't taste like anything. I didn't like the bottle so I asked for a chilled glass for easy chugging to get it over and done with. Couldn't waste it!

NOLA Brewing - Hopitoulas
It was our last day in New Orleans, Louisiana just before we jumped on a plane and I realized I haven't had a single drop of beer over the three days we were there. I love trying everything local when I travel. I have never had any beer made in Louisiana. It's an IPA and 6.5%. I love IPAs while my Cugino drinks C- (Coors Light). I rated it a 3.5 on Untappd so I must've liked it but when you're in NOLA, you eat, drink, sleep, party, eat, drink, sleep and repeat. That is all we did. I had my fill of beignets and even started drinking coffee again since this trip because of Cafe De Monde. We went there twice and I brought a box back to my Pastry Chef to make for the staff. Beer in NOLA? Check!

Mother Earth - Beer Float
Remember #SanFranDiego ? I came up with that and everyone loved it. Things just fall out of my mouth and it just works most of the time. I walked into DWSF and said hello to the rep that was about to meet with John. She was from Mother Earth and they wanted to do a tap takeover during San Diego Beer Week. I was all over it and #SanFranDiego came to mind and we ran with that. They had an idea of doing beer floats and this delicious glass of yumminess was consumed by my fat a$$. What type of beer was used, I am not sure. But do know that DWSF will be doing a lot for SF Beer Week and Mother Earth will be a part of two events. Follow us on Facebook!

Shock Top - Belgian White
A pretty common beer but I've never had it until Red's Java House on The Embarcadero to kick of Vicki's 80's birthday bar crawl and after Rachel and Courtney and I did the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Golden Gate Park. I don't even know what to say about it. It's nothing amazing. 

I would love to say what beer I was having but the more memorable part were the tasty chicken and waffles. This was taken at the Public House that my father raves about because of their onion rings. I definitely had the onion rings and I concur with my father. The place has good food. It is located at AT&T Park and we came here before we met up with Vicki for her 80's birthday bar crawl and after the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. I do have to say I love that my Stella & Dot wallet is making it into these shots. Great placement. Go shop for accessories and jewelry HERE. Couldn't resist on that plug.

512 Brewing Company - 512 IPA
When in Rome!...or Austin, drink beer made in Austin. Christina and I just landed and almost missed our connecting flight in Salt Lake City, Utah because we were drinking wine (see the video on my Instagram 'bappletree'). We needed a beer. And thank goodness in our hotel there was Champions Restaurant & Sports Bar. Believe it or not, our Bartender was from Hayward, a drunken guy tried to get a little friendly and a fight broke out 10 feet from us where the bartenders expertly handled the situation without breaking the glass cabinet he used to control the drunkard. I knew I was going to love this town. Everyone says that I would love Austin and I do! In terms of the beer, it was 7% and I rated it a 4.5. I must've liked it. 

Pabst Brewing Company - Lone Star Brewing
On a hot Sunday in Austin, we were on the Dirty 6th again and stepped into an air-conditioned bar that was playing football and had dirt cheap mimosa specials. The windows were open and we sat at a high top checking out the activity during the Pecan Festival, which had NO pecans present anywhere! Well, OK, I found one pie. But that's it! No fried, sugared, deep-fried pecans? No pecan ice cream, pecan crusted nothing? Weird. Anyways, I noticed that some folks were wearing Niner gear. Then they started to multiply. We asked if they were from the Bay. We were in Cowboys territory for goodness sake. Apparently they were Niner Fans in Austin and were going next door to watch the game. I got excited! I already dragged Christina to the University of Texas game the day before and now more football? She was cool with it. And there, we were hosted by some Texas Niner fans and were given our first Lone Star Beer. Basically their Budweiser. Who cares!? Love how it came about tho. Also, found out that Howard knew one of my former bartenders. Small world! Oh, Facebook.

Karbach Brewing Co. - Hopadillo IPA
See, told you I like IPAs. I can't stay away. This is a 6.6% and we had it during the Pecan Festival on the Dirty 6th in Austin. It was hot and this was our second local brew. Not bad. Can't remember much about it other than where we had it. So informative, I know. I do know I was drinking it outside of the tattoo parlor that Christina got her little cute elephant. I was thinking of getting a tattoo I've been wanting to get for awhile, but as I saw it stenciled on me, I didn't like it. Oh wells. But her's is adorable!


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