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My First Influenster Box

I qualified?! I received a box of beauty goods with a retail value of over $250 from Influenster . My job is to use the products, write reviews and share them via social media. Here is what I received! My favorite product I received was the Aquis hair towel. My hair goes down to my butt and though on the smaller side, it wraps majority of my hair.  My Instafriend said she has had one or two for years and loves it. I use it every time I shower. The next product I love is the Brow Food eye brown combo of powder and a pencil. The powder works so much better than a pencil because it's on eyebrow hairs, not entirely on your skin. It darkens your brows up. I enjoy it. The next favorite is the Julep 'Boost Your Radiance' oil. Sometimes my skin gets pretty oily depending on where I am so putting oil on my face seemed like I was definitely going to get some pimples. I did but but a few weeks in, it hasn't happened again. There is no scent to it and it

Friday SOMA Adventures - July 2017

We love Hooch . My Instafriend and I used it twice this week. Hooch is an app where you pay $9.99 a month and redeem free cocktails once per day at participating bars and restaurants. DW uses it and I signed up. I signed up Instafriend and I earned a free month. If you use my code '94aeef', your first month is $1. If you're in San Francisco, this app will pay for itself in one visit. Most cocktails are in the $12 -$14 range, so happy Hooch -ing and saving money. Don't forget to tip your bartender! When Instafriend and I go out, we try to go to different places to try new spots and use our Hooch free drink! We wished Hazel was a participating restaurant. We love that place. This time, we decided on trying Elixir in the Mission at 16th and Guerrero.  I walked towards her house from DW and 'picked her up,' if you will. It was such a warm day and walking after about a block, I joked to see if she would rather take an Uber . She considered it because it was s

#AshtangaYogaChallenge - July 2017

I remember first trying yoga when I was still in college when a few of my coworkers and I would gym hop by using their free trial days. I remember going to a gym and didn't like how the older man was touching the people in class. Before he got to me, I got up and left. I have also tried hot yoga with my cousin. I drove out to Sacramento after a night of partying. I got up early and I wasn't supposed to eat before this class but I had to pull off and pick up food - McDonald's of all things. I was also a bit hungover but I didn't want to flake on my cousin. I did what I could in the class. I was incredibly uncomfortable and hot and not in the mindset that this class was supposed to be beneficial to me. Then recently in Kauai , I tried a booty yoga class with my cousin who has been attending for awhile. It was really fun and I had a good workout. It was a bit more hip and a faster paced. I like boxing , lifting weights and that was more my style. As of late, I

Wine Tasting July 2017 - Sebastopol, CA

July is here and we kicked it off well with a trip to wine country. The event was booked a week before with Dianne, a Rodan & Fields, rep that was at the Summer Soire event at my home last weekend, stating she's never been. I researched tasting rooms that do not require an appointment and we ended up with a group of 8. Dianne didn't end up making it after all but we had fun. She totally missed out on Ektimo Vineyards, Fog Crest Vineyards and Macphail at the Barlowe, plus beer and BBQ at the Crooked Goat Brewery. The drive was easy up from Hayward to Sebastopol. We sang country songs and my International trip is booked for May 2018 to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico! With Cour Court's timeshare, she had these special offers to travel. A seven day cruise is booked and I highly recommend paying for the open bar! For my 2012 cruise, it only cost us $700 on Celebrity. Completely worth it! We arrived at our first stop, Ektimo Vineyards, after a bum