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Wine Log - 2015 Q1

Let's be honest. I like wine. I had to break up this year's log into quarters or this would be a very long post. However, I started a 12-week #200KTranform fitness challenge thru with two friends, Nikki B. and Tatiana, and one of my Paralegals, Justin.  Therefore, this quarter's list may not be as extensive. Nonetheless, the experiences and memories created during the consumption of this 'deliciousness' as my good friend, Kristian, would say, will be long lasting. Please see Wine Log 2014 to see how and why this all began. I have also started a Beer Log as well. Ever since my spontaneous trip to Boston in October with Christina, I have developed a new appreciation for beer. Do read on... The wine is separated by 1) Bottles - wine I liked enough to purchase and take home, 2) Glasses - from mostly dinner outings and 3) Tastes - as in wine tasting, which I commonly love to do. Enjoy!   BOTTLES : The Buccaneer , Pinot Noir - 2012 My favorit