Wine Log - 2015 Q1

Let's be honest. I like wine. I had to break up this year's log into quarters or this would be a very long post. However, I started a 12-week #200KTranform fitness challenge thru with two friends, Nikki B. and Tatiana, and one of my Paralegals, Justin.  Therefore, this quarter's list may not be as extensive. Nonetheless, the experiences and memories created during the consumption of this 'deliciousness' as my good friend, Kristian, would say, will be long lasting.

Please see Wine Log 2014 to see how and why this all began. I have also started a Beer Log as well. Ever since my spontaneous trip to Boston in October with Christina, I have developed a new appreciation for beer. Do read on...

The wine is separated by 1) Bottles - wine I liked enough to purchase and take home, 2) Glasses - from mostly dinner outings and 3) Tastes - as in wine tasting, which I commonly love to do.

The Buccaneer, Pinot Noir - 2012
My favorite wine is a Pinot Noir and this one didn't disappoint. This purchased for my birthday party last year but so many others were brought that this wasn't shared. Christy and I opened this on a spontaneous visit on a Friday night. It was me, her, Bevo and the kids running around. Who needs to go out when you have a nice bottle of red and great company?
Haha, not my nail job.
Lots of love in these photos. With my best friend and my niece and nephew.


Apothic Red - 2012

Domaine la Perriere, Sauvignon Blanc - 2013
Sancerre, France
After a hike on Angel Island, a late lunch needed to be accompanied with a glass of wine. A beer is usually what I crave nearing the end of a hike, so a sip of Christina's Lagunitas IPA sufficed while waiting for our boat to arrive to take us back to Tiburon. I have read some articles of the Sancerre region and have never tried one. I was looking for something refreshing and this wine didn't 'wow' me like I thought it would. I should have made a note to myself but it really wasn't impressive. Clearly.

Forrest Ville, Cabernet

Gigondas, Le Gravillas - 2010
Rhone, France
This delicious red without a bouquet was had at Uncle Yu's in Livermore, CA, another great area to wine taste in Northern California, after my second shoot with Dylan Douglas Photography.

Piemonte, Italy
I had this glass Nikki's birthday dinner in Las Vegas at Il Fornaio just as the #200KTransform challenge began. I wanted a glass of wine to go with the swordfish and veggies dish, and that's all I can say about it. Oh, Vegas.

Rock Wall, Harris Kratka Vineyards Zinfandel - 2011
I'm trying not to drink and haven't had much wine. Brian came by with an opened bottle of this deliciousness while we discussed a possible deal with my motorcycle. I had half a glass. It was dry, deep and delightful. Yes, I have RW wine glasses and now a RW hoodie that is very comfortable. 

50 Shades of Grey - White Silk
The hyped up movie of the book series have cute little teddy bears with a blindfold at Target. The name is now on a wine bottle. Just a sip was a bit bitter and I didn't like it. 

Marimar Estate, Sebastopol, California

On the hunt to get some Pliny the Elder and Younger at the Russian River Brewery in Santa Rosa, CA, our (DWSF's) Brewmasters and I found our way to Sebastopol for beer and wine tasting, plus a great dinner at Peter Lowell's. It was nearing the end of the day and Janice, a young, beautiful Italian, host was incredibly pleasant. She said it was unusual to get young patrons in the tasting room. She poured us more than what was on their tasting list and it was all tasty and appreciated. 

MacPhail, Sebastopol, California
A cute spot at The Barlow with a spot to drink outside on bright, green chairs. Inside you'll find a few high tops, low tops and a counter but you can't miss the tall structure of crushed, commingled, red Radio Flyers. Wines served here are mostly Pinot Noir and are quite different and unique than the previous wine they'll pour for you. One Pinot Noir was quite cloudy. I have never seen a Pinot like that and it wasn't as smooth as I like. I love the plum garnet of a Pinot. That wine was quite different (not pictured below)

#imamujian #drinklove
Rock Wall Wine Company
Various wines including a Rose and Sauvignon Blanc that were served at the Amore Valentine's Day event. I received complimentary tickets as a Yelp Elite and took my usual +1, Megan Z., as my pre-Valentine's Date. Her sister also joined us who used to pour and work events for Rock Wall. We had a blast.

3 shades of wine on a 50 Shades of Grey weekend.

Absolutely love this. So much fun.

My PB, Nanabuddy & Dandelion.
With my 'Best Friend' and favorite 'Ex-Boyfriend' LOL.


  1. Hi, Bernadette! You gave pretty good reviews about those different kinds of wine, and I like it because it's based on your authentic personal experiences and not just because you were tasked to taste them in for a review. Well, I'm sure that you had a great time that day. Cheers! :-)

    Irvin Moss @ Shop Brewmeister


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