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Big Engagement / Housewarming Party Weekend

This weekend was our engagement/housewarming party and I had so much to do. In addition to cleaning the house as much as possible, buying everything that’s needed, it raining all weekend, prepping Saturday, cooking all day Sunday, we had our first venue tour for our wedding. Wait, I went alone because DB was putting the finishing touches on the downstairs bathroom, which looks amazing! I am looking forward to making some progress in terms of finding/selecting a venue. I was so happy the NorCal Grizzlies won the tournament last weekend but we had to cancel our appointment to seeing the venue that’s in 3rd place. I left work at 3:30 pm and arrived at the venue in Discovery Bay with 3 minutes to spare for my 5 pm appointment. I was greeted by a very friendly front desk attendant and then was greeted by a pretty coordinator. She gave me a tour of the facility with two options for the ceremony, the main dining room, the buffet room, bar and dance floor and private dressing room. We

March Madness!!!

Have you filled out your bracket yet? I have never been big on college sports. I am more so a University of Texas fan (given our dog's name is Bevo and my fiance went there and is a die-hard fan). I do agree with DB in that college football is a bit more entertaining to watch versus the NFL because you get to watch players grow into professionals. They're going to make mistakes but they're also going to shine and not make plays because they're not making big money, or trying to land endorsement deals. You'll get to see the hard work and the pure talent they showcase for the love of the game, for the team, for their school and to make it to the pros. I would say the same goes for college basketball though I never gave it too much of my time. I am a Sacramento Kings fan, moreso than a Warriors fan being a Bay Area native but I do not follow the sport like I did six years ago and before. I still have an unworn Mike Bibby #10 jersey hanging in my closet. Before t

FREE Los Lonely Boys Concert - San Jose, CA 3/24/11 7 PM

How wonderful of the Boys to put on a FREE concert to benefit the Mexican Heritage Bellas Artes de San Jose ! " The Mexican Heritage Corporation serves the Silicon Valley and Northern California by presenting and advancing Mexican and multicultural performing arts. " Look for OBTB of the La Onda Street Team for some cool swag while you're in line! Be there! San Jose State University Morris Daily Auditorium ("MD" on map in square B2) Thursday, March 24, 2011 7:00 PM ROLL CALL!!! Add your name, where you're from and if you already pre-ordered 'Rockpango' from below to let us know who's going!!! OR Go to the Facebook invite.

8 Months of Not Being Sick

It has been 8 months now of not being sick and I again owe it all to my Biolean from . Last month, I posted that I was going 7 Months Strong on this wonderful product. Another month has passed, another healthy month. I did have a massive headache this Sunday that made me want to take advantage of it and use it as an excuse to not do much around the house. My sister is currently sick, one of my bosses are sick that I had to drive home, and my fiancé isn’t feeling very well today. WOOHOO!!! Is all I have to say about that. What are you taking/doing to stay healthy?

Rest in Peace - Maureen Withrow

This past weekend, I went to a memorial service for Maureen Withrow in Fair Oaks, California. I dated her son for three years in my early 20s and had the pleasure of getting to know her and was honored to have been loved by her. She was a strong willed, humorous and generous single mother. And she was her son’s number one fan and biggest supporter. Everything she did, she did for him. In Bobby’s speech, he mentioned that although he didn’t have a father around, he never missed a beat and he always had everything he wanted. I can picture her smiling face and her actually doing everything the stories depicted. She burned down a garage, strategically fought with her siblings and talked back when it called for it. Feisty, like me, Bobby also told us how she last told him she loved her. She adjusted herself in her bed, looked at him, winked and smiled and said ‘I love you.’ I believe she passed within the hour. I was tearing up the majority of the memorial service. Her niece, Trisha, g

Rockpango Postcards - Have You Seen Them?

OBTB has been out and about distributing the thousands of postcards we have to help promote the Los Lonely Boys new album, Rockpango, that releases on March 29, 2011. Below is a list of people, coffee shops, record stores, and regions that have these post cards displayed. If you are a fan, please go pick one up. If you are a store that would like these displayed or available to your customers, please contact me . Be sure to pre-order and give a listen to Rockpango at LOCATIONS : CALIFORNIA Brentwood - Barnes & Noble, Target Castro Valley – a tax prep place (the owner is a fan) Concord – (Margie) Emeryville – Best Buy Los Cantaros The Public Market Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café Borders Target Oakland (Akicita) and the Intertribal Friendship House San Francisco (G.Molt & S. Heredia) San Jose/Santa Clara (Ana/Maritza/Surheka/Ellen/Maria) Santa Cruz (to S. Wolfe) Stockton (Debbie/Mano) Watsonville (M. Mendez) NEVADA Las Vegas – Near the Hard Roc

Stages & Changes

The fiancé and I had a good discussion earlier this week and changed our small wedding to a bigger party, and agreed to a budget. The discussion went really well and I was surprised at his level of interest. It was appreciated. I’d probably say it’s one of the best discussions we’ve had where we had very different values on the actual topic. Two batches of engagement announcements and housewarming invites went out mid-this week. I asked for an RSVP a week and a half later. I have received two confirmations, one email congratulations and one text congratulations. I am going to plead my case on what kind of wedding that makes sense for both of us based on how the fiancé and I engage regarding the event and the outcome of this month’s event. I really don’t need a remotely big wedding and I know the day goes by in a flash so we shall see. I am an Event Planner and this would be my chance to put on an event exactly how I want it but I just frankly do not have the funds. I also don

La Onda Shifts

"La Onda" means the wave. I am a part of the Bay Area 'chapter' if you will of the La Onda Street Team called Onda By The Bay and have been so for the past five years now. Although there have been changes to the La Onda team, Onda By The Bay remains intact but with some event changes I wanted to announce by now. We, and other chapters around the nation, were planning an exclusive promotional event for the Los Lonely Boys' new album 'Rockpango' with the help of Playing in Traffic . Due to a generous request, we have decided to not hold this event in the Bay Area and head down to Los Angeles for the weekend. The Boys will be playing at the Grammy Museum on Friday, March 25th. We'll be there! If you're in Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts, Dallas, Austin, Houston, New Mexico or Los Angeles for Saturday, March 26th, and are interested in this exclusive special event, let me know ! I'll try to get the details for you! As part of Onda By The

Flo Gets Married - A Bad Girls Club Special

The bi-sexual Albanian bad girl from Oxygen's season 4 of The Bad Girls Club in Los Angeles was filmed prepping for her traditional wedding in New York to her fiance, Patriot. AND, she's also pregnant! The one-hour special aired last night, February 28, 2011, in place of a new episode of Season 6 of the Bad Girls Club. Flo was 26 at the time of filming Season 4, from Staten Island, one of of my favorites, and no doubtingly a Bad Girl. It's nice to see women with some experiences as an adult on the show, rather than the current season who are mostly 21 years of age. She wasn't called 'old' once as Char has been called many times this season. Clips that I fondly recall from her season was the fight between her and Amber where she was pushed into a pool and injured her ankle. She grabbed Amber by the hair and flung her across the pool side. That was nuts! She was also that one that said "Shut the front door" in disbelief instead of "Shut the