Stages & Changes

The fiancé and I had a good discussion earlier this week and changed our small wedding to a bigger party, and agreed to a budget. The discussion went really well and I was surprised at his level of interest. It was appreciated. I’d probably say it’s one of the best discussions we’ve had where we had very different values on the actual topic.

Two batches of engagement announcements and housewarming invites went out mid-this week. I asked for an RSVP a week and a half later. I have received two confirmations, one email congratulations and one text congratulations. I am going to plead my case on what kind of wedding that makes sense for both of us based on how the fiancé and I engage regarding the event and the outcome of this month’s event. I really don’t need a remotely big wedding and I know the day goes by in a flash so we shall see.

I am an Event Planner and this would be my chance to put on an event exactly how I want it but I just frankly do not have the funds. I also don’t want people/possible clients to look at my wedding and think, “This is all she can do?!?”

I don’t think I’m feeling the way many brides usually do. Perhaps it’s also because it’s over a year away, etc.

Brides, how did you feel 3 months after your engagement?
At your engagement party?
A year before your wedding?


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