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Wine Log - 2014

Though it is nearly December and I am enjoying experiencing the many different wines from around the world, I thought I would start a log. I suspect 2015's will be much more extensive. I have also began to read the New York Times bestseller, Setting the Table by Danny Meyer . Though I write reviews of restaurants and other businesses via Yelp as a 7-year running Yelp Elite , I do enjoy documenting my experiences and he has inspired me to take it a step further. With DWSF opening soon, I really should be more in touch and be able to communicate what exactly I do and do not like about my restaurant, food, cocktail, beer and wine experiences. Here is a my first attempt. I should say that I thank my good friend, Kristian, to exposing me to the wonderful world of wine.  I reluctantly wanted to learn at first in 2006 because I claimed I did not like it. Eight years later, I have my own collection of wine bottles and am reading as much as I can about all things restaurant, especially

Work With What You've Got

I made dessert cocktails last night for family, using what my uncle had on hand. This is Smirnoff's Iced Vodka, Bailey's, Kahlua poured over a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream and topped with whipped cream. It was tasty! Family requested margaritas but we were lacking limes. As a test, I made kalamansi  margarita shots. The fruits smaller than kumquats and has seeds. I had to strain the kalamansi juice into a shaker, added my uncle's Jose Cuervo tequila and Dekuyper Triple Sec. I filled the shot glasses and topped it off with Crush. The family enjoyed it.  These aren't the greatest of ingredients but when the first thing your uncle asks when he see you is, "Are we mixing?" you have to work with what you've got. Perhaps I'll buy him a nice bottle of fine liquor for the holidays.

Win an Engraved Necklace fr Stella & Dot

Win an engraved necklace from Stella & Dot by telling your love story! I want to hear about it too! Follow the instructions below but also mention me on Instagram (@bappletree) so I can read it too. Winner to be announced on Nov. 17th. As I am currently single, my love story is meeting my newest niece, Arya, who recently turned one-year-old. Born on September 10, 2013, I first held her just hours after she was born and I was overwhelmed with emotion. She was undeniably perfect, her mother, my best friend, was fearless in the process of bringing her into this crazy world, but maybe it was a combination of maybe also feeling that fear that I will never have that moment with my own child. Nonetheless, I am in love with my nieces and nephews. Below are photos of when I first held her, at her first birthday party and how she just makes me smile. If I win, I'd like to gift the necklace to  a well-deserving mother to read: 9-10-14 & "AAS"

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan -

I have been on my Divorced World Tour and on the go for some time now, so I haven’t cooked in God knows when. Things have slowed down after a fun-filled almost month and a half. It has been slow to get back to the working out routine as I have been sick, which my roommate jokingly has nicknamed me Ebola. And I am ready to start eating better and cooking more.  Last night, I kicked it off with the delicious broiled tilipia parmesan with steamed broccoli. See recipe below. I bought a pound of tilapia for $7.99 at Safeway and had enough for two lunches. Will was too full from his delicious order of Indian food from Favorite Indian restaurant to try a bite, but Megan enjoyed it today. I’m not a fan of leftovers but this was alright. Tonight, Christina will be coming over for me to try out a pancetta and sage chicken recipe in wine sauce. Mmmm, wine. Mmm, pancetta. After three days in wine country and five days off, I think I’m ready for wine again. I have a bottle of Chateau St.J