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Time Flies

It certainly does. My niece, Jennalynn, graduated from the eigth grade last night. WITH straight A's again, I should add. Below is a picture of her graduating kindergarten. I was there for that too. It is just amazing at how quickly time flies by. There is 9 years worth of memories, lessons and growth in between those photos, for both of us! I couldn't be more proud of her. She has drive, the motivation and the strength to keep going and does it well. Congratulations, Sweetheart! Why she didn't want to sit on my lap last night, I'm not sure! Joking! Here are her proud aunties. Alda, a very good friend of Jennifer's, my sister, Melyssa, Jennifer's sister Jocelyn, Jennalynn and myself.  "The ladies that have been by my side when I was pregnant with Jennalynn until now." - Jennifer. We'll always be there for you. I had a dream that my Brittany just found out that she was pregnant. She's in Utah now with her husband. I texted her t

National Bike Nights - Hayward

See you there!