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Wedding / Event Vendor: Boomies Cupcakes

Cupcakes are HUGE nowadays. Some couples order cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. As favors for the last wedding I did, the couple packaged cupcakes for their guests to take home with them. And I can't deny that my mouth waters at the very thought of the show, Cupcake Wars now. Here is a local vendor I Yelp ed about: Mmmmm. I came across Boomies after I found a coupon on the counter and the rest of the ads at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe just down the street from the Farmers Market that happens on Thursdays (unless it rains.) I held onto the coupon, Tweeted to see if they would honor the expired coupon and they said they would. But the two times I was going to go to the market to redeem the coupon the market was cancelled. BUT I finally was able to take part and try several of her flavors. The strawberry one was made from the strawberry vendor also at the farmers market. It was very sweet. People LOVE red velvet cake but I think it's way too cream

Prep for Your Wedding Day with BioLean! Like Me!

EVERY bride wants to lose weight and/or look their best on their wedding day. It's just a given. Whether it's the slight squishiness here that only she would notice or wanting to lose 10-15 pounds or more, a Bride always wants to improve something she has an issue with by her wedding day. I am absolutely no different. I have been on BioLean for 9 months and do not plan on discontinuing even beyond my big day just shy from a year from now. I found my dress and have always had a weak back due to car accidents so I hate working out to strengthen my back. But I want it stronger by my wedding day and BioLean (and exercise) will help to keep the rest of the junk where it needs to be. You'll read by my other posts saying that BioLean has also kept me healthy (not a day of sickness) for the past nine months and I used to be ALWAYS sick. I will NOT go without my BioLean . BRIDES!!! Get on it today to give you energy, maintain your metabolism and burn up those toxins in y

Love Games 2 - BGC Season 6 Finale

I can't believe how much TV I have been watching! I just finished up The Bad Girls Club Season 6 last night and have episode 2 of Love Games 2 to watch tonight, along with a sole episode of Dancing with the Stars and the premiere of The Voice with my favorite singer of all-time, Christina Aguilera . Let's start off with the BGC. As already stated, I've been a fan since Season 3 with Sarah Michaels and Amber Meade , which I later followed to watch the first season of Love Games. Last season, Season 5, took place in Miami where many of them ended up exactly what Perez Hilton referred to as "a bunch of quitters." Many left before the season ended without the network/show asking them to leave. I don't know what is in their contract but I thought that was pretty lame. Of course this all could be creative editing, but Morgan went out with a bang in the second episode, Cat thought she was too classy for the show though ended up in jail after the show, Kayleigh co

Prince William & Kate Middleton - April 29, 2011

Who will be watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this coming Friday? I am going to have to have the press covered recorded on my DVR. William's parents' wedding, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, was quite an event and as an Event Planner, I do not want to miss seeing this. On my way into the office this morning, Charles Osgood of CBS News (740 AM) mentioned the fact that an event like this instills the idea in young women of a marrying age that things need to be perfect...possibly at all cost. I have no doubt in my mind that Will and Kate's wedding will be flawless. I couldn't imagine the US spending the country's dollars on the wedding of Malia Ann or Natasha Obama. Could you? In reality and in this economy, an absolute dream wedding just seems a tad bit out of reach for your everyday bride of any age. I think a dream wedding with some modifications is attainable but the bride has to be open-minded. Look, watch, admire but who says you

First Bridal Fair as a Bride-to-Be + Wedding Dress Found!

On Saturday, April 16th, I was headed to the bridal fair at The Ranch at Little Hills in San Ramon with two girlfriends. My Maid and Matron of Honor didn't come but I already assured them that I wouldn't need much from them. They are both pregnant and due around the same time so they're going to have their hands full. Some brides expect their bridal party to be with them for every event. I don't need that. I was to meet up with my friends, Julia and Brittany. I usually go to events like these to meet vendors and to network for my Event Planning services. It's a good place to gather information, see how they interact with possible clients, their portfolio without having to schedule a meeting or waste too much of their time when I'm doing research... and the complimentary food, wine and champagne is always nice. My friend, Jenny, usually accompanies me. That day, she couldn't because she was singing the National Anthem for the San Jose Giants . I'm gla

My 11th AIDS Walk San Francisco - Sponsor Me!

It's that time again! I am trying to fundraise for my 11th Aids Walk San Francisco taking place on Sunday, July 17, 2011. As you may know, I'm working on with reality star, Sarah Michaels , to help promote health and wellness. AIDS is an incurable disease that hasn't effected a single close friend or family member and I want to keep it that way. If I don't want them to get AIDS, I certainly do not want another form of illness to take them from this beautiful world. and I want to support, educate and raise funds to put an end to AIDS. Please join Team for a 10K walk in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on July 17, 2011 by clicking the logo above, then "My Team Page." If you cannot make the walk, please make your tax-deductible donation today. You may also find the Facebook event page for Team here ! Sarah Michaels will not be able to join us for the walk but she'll be

LLB Concerts #46 & #47

What an incredible weekend! I went to four concerts in three days for the Los Lonely Boys , got to hang out with them before or after three of them but the most amazing thing was that they came to the Listening Party that Laurie J. and So Cal La Onda worked so hard on. I mean, who really gets to sit down and have a meal with them??? I really felt like we were a family (on many different levels) and I think this weekend confirmed in many members’ minds that the Boys really do appreciate each and every one of us of La Onda because they took the time to give each one of us a hug, look us in the eye, and basically say ‘thank you’ with such sincerity and a smile. Not that this would happen but if I couldn’t make another concert, I would have definitely ended my streak of 49 concerts on a Mt. Everest-like high. After the previous weekend’s engagement/housewarming party, I had to get ready for another fun-filled four days with my other favorite Boys and La Onda. OBTB was planning on parti

It's a BOY!!!

No, no, no. He's not mine! My very good friend, Christy, has finally announced on Facebook (where everyone knows everyone else's business) that she is 6 months pregnant and that it's a boy! Look at that face!! I have known for a long while and it was killing me not to say anything to anyone! I'm kind of honored that she actually found out while house-sitting/babysitting my little Bevo when DB and I were in Vegas. I had her over for dinner while DB was coaching, prepared to make her my delicious lemon herb chicken over rice and while I was pulling ingredients out of the fridge, she says "I have something to show you." I turn around and she's holding up her iPhone with a black and white photo, which made me do a double take and realize it was a sonogram. I squint, move my eyes up to her eyes, back to the iPhone, back up to her eyes repeating "What is that?!? What is that?!?" I guess the correct question would be 'WHO'S is that?!?"