Wedding / Event Vendor: Boomies Cupcakes

Cupcakes are HUGE nowadays. Some couples order cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. As favors for the last wedding I did, the couple packaged cupcakes for their guests to take home with them. And I can't deny that my mouth waters at the very thought of the show, Cupcake now. Here is a local vendor I Yelped about:

Mmmmm. I came across Boomies after I found a coupon on the counter and the rest of the ads at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe just down the street from the Farmers Market that happens on Thursdays (unless it rains.)

I held onto the coupon, Tweeted to see if they would honor the expired coupon and they said they would. But the two times I was going to go to the market to redeem the coupon the market was cancelled. BUT I finally was able to take part and try several of her flavors.

The strawberry one was made from the strawberry vendor also at the farmers market. It was very sweet. People LOVE red velvet cake but I think it's way too cream cheesy, but her's was lighter and much better than any others I've tasted before. I didn't try the lemon one as I've never been a sweet lemon lover in dessert. My absolute favorite is the Kona Kahlua cupcake and I took two back to the office with me. One for me, and one for one of my clerks.

I am thinking about ordering from her for an upcoming birthday party...

I apologize for no photo of the cupcake I purchased. I devoured it.

Please tell Boumy Funes how you found out about her!

Boomies Cupcakes & Sweet Delights
Emeryville, California


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