The Bad Girls Club & Love Games, Sarah Michaels, IS the Wellness Shot!

I became a fan of the Bad Girls Club when a Season 3 marathon was airing (in 2008, is it?) and I just had the television on while I was doing chores around the house. Every now and then I’d hear “*BEEP* you, you *BEEP*ing *BEEP*!”, some screaming and “This is the Amber Show” do-do-do-do-do-Doo! Eventually I was glued to the screen and not doing chores anymore and spent most of the day laughing and thinking “ohnoshedidn’t!” They were NUTS! I don’t think I could live my life with a camera following me around and for the whole world to see and criticize. But I kept on watching and when fights broke out, my boyfriend would hear the screaming from another room and ask “WHAT are you watching?!?”

I am not one for reality television. MTV had it with The Real World with Pedro, Puck, Pam and whoever… when it was in San Francisco. (GO GIANTS!) With all these Big Brother, The Bachelorette and other shows popping up, there were just too many to pick and choose from to watch. And I was never a big TV watcher. It just took too much time to stay on top of what is going on! Anyways…

Season 3 of the Bad Girls Club was entertaining to watch. My favorites included Whitney, aka Boston, a hard ass from Boston. Every time I answer the question “What kind of dog is that?”, I always like to say Bevo is a Boston Terrier in their accent… or try to. Amber M., aka Cookie, with her down to have a good time attitude but can hold her own against Compton’s own, Kayla. She loves gummy bears and was half of The Amber Show. Then, there was Sarah.

I never thought she was looking for any drama but when she’s crossed, you better watch out. I kind of related to that. I’m a real sweet girl but I don’t take kindly to b*tches and bullsh*t. Sarah immediately became my favorite on the show when she was the one that took the time to help Boston grieve over her friend’s passing back home. I think you can be a Bad Girl, be proud when being called a bitch because you’re independent, driven, and motivated, but not so beyond bad that you don’t have a heart. The existence of a heart was also displayed when she returned from Mexico and saw Noah. Although I don’t think she was in the wrong, she was big enough to say she’s sorry that her actions caused him pain. Having arguments on the street with your bf/boy toy is no fun. Been there, done that.

Sarah returned to the screen with the rest of the girls for the reunion with a new look. I honestly did not recognize her. She looked fabulous. Post reunion, she returned to Oxygen in the first season of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too with Amber and Kendra from BGC season 4.

Reality love show? Really? I may be judgmental but I never had a desire to watch people fight over Flava Flav or Tila Tequila. But I watched Love Games. And ooooh, did my boyfriend get an ear-full when it wasn’t recorded on our DVR or he was talking during the show. Uh-uh, Honey, not allowed. I thought the show was fun. I was really rooting for Sarah to pick Nick.

I began following her on Twitter. Twitter was another thing I was so against then my clerks at work got me into it since they were on it all the time since we blocked Facebook. And now it keeps me really entertained at work, as do Sarah and Amber’s tweets. The cool thing about Twitter is that for some/most (maybe) of celebs, it’s REALLY them. And then I came across this:

From her tweets, she’s as real as it gets. And I thought it’d be really cool to meet her. The night before, Kate, from Season 4 was in town and she was going to a gay bar in San Jose. I tried to get people to go with me but no one was available. So I went with myself to a gay bar just to meet her. She was with a girlfriend. People were posing with her for pictures and I asked her for one. She obliged but no small talk or anything. So, I got my picture with her and left. The next day, I asked my girl Jenny if she wanted to go dancing at Pearl in San Jose. She was down, so I picked her up and on our way down to San Jose I told her I had a confession to make. I told her that we’re really going down to possibly see/meet Sarah from the Bad Girls Club. She’s never seen the show but is a fan of The Bachelorette. We laughed… whatever! We’ll still have a good time. And low and behold, I did get to meet her… and Kate again.

I waved to her from below her VIP area and she motioned for me to come around. Wow! How sweet. There are some people in the public eye that want to meet their fans and then there are folks that don’t really want that one-on-one interaction. I really didn’t know what to say besides “It’s nice to meet you”, “I love the show” and “Can I have a picture?” It was a fun night. Kate asked me to take a photo of her and Sarah and post it on Twitter. I obliged. And the girls passed out shots to people in the club where we were dancing and I got real tipsy after those shots that I couldn’t drive us home. Sarah Michaels got me drunk. LOL.

Then she and Amber came up from LA to the Bay Area with her family in August 2010. They toured Alcatraz and the city and were going to be at the Infusion Lounge on a Wednesday night. Oooh, Lord, I don’t party hard on weekdays anymore but when she Tweeted me asking if I was going to come by, how could I say ‘no’? So I went…alone. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me! Ugh. So I ended up meeting some people until she and Amber arrived and basically used them to avoid standing alone. And I got free drinks out of it. They arrived and I found them. I said hello and again, Sarah, asked me to come around and gave the OK to the security guard. Small talk, it’s hard to have a conversation in a club. I got to meet Amber. She’s so hilarious. I left before they did as I had to work the next morning and from my earlier blog posts, I had so many events I was working on and I was exhausted.

I said my goodbyes, said I was heading down south for the weekend of August 14th and if she was available…. It’d be cool to grab a drink. While in LA that weekend, Sarah tweeted something along the lines of “I think @bappletree is getting drunk!” That, I was!

So, now, the one and only Miss Sarah Michaels has launched The Wellness Shot:

I sent her products to try for free. She loved them. She wants to share them with you. It’s that simple.
The first 50 people to make a purchase from her wellness site
will receive an autographed photo!

Sarah recommends the Sure2Endure.
Here’s a peek of one of the photos you may receive.

Love the products as well? Let’s chat about being on Sarah’s Wellness Shot Team.
What are your thoughts on my favorite Bad Girl?

For booking Sarah, contact Matt Cohen


  1. MTV definitely started it with The Real World, but not having cable, I can't really watch anything unless it's on local channels.

    Nice to know read the whole story seester. Similar to my meeting with John Haymes Newton.

    But remember what BITCH stands for:
    Control of

    Much luck to your teams on your wellness adventures.

  2. I love the bad girls club. I just started watching it this show a few months back. These girls are so nuts!

  3. Girl...I have been major SLACKING on my blog. I suck! But I wanted to show support and this post was awesome! Well, you know that I love you, Sarah, and Amber! If that ever happened to me, I would die. Sarah has come to Miami and was recently here, but I went out of town :( and I would have totally gone alone too! We ride or die bitchesssssssssssss! :)


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