Happy 2nd Birthday, Bevo!

My little guy, Bevo, turned 2-years-old today. He's such a good boy. It's amazing how much this guy has affected my and my boyfriend's lives and relationship. What would we do without him?

My boyfriend wanted a dog SOOOO bad. I already had a cat and I didn't want her tormented by a dog when it was rightfully her house first. When he would not stop asking, I agreed to look into what kind of dog could cohabitate with Mamas (my cat) and in our condo. I knew a big hairy dog wouldn't work, so we looked at small to medium sized dogs. I didn't want a chihuahua or one that barked all the time. We fell in love with Boston Terriers. They're known as The American Gentleman because they're always dressed for the occasion and such a good companion. My boyfriend did most of the research and I was still reluctant to purchase one when we visited a breeder in the Central Valley.

There were two left and they were about 6 weeks old. Being the sucker I am, I immediately melted and picked one up.DB did all the talking with the breeders while I laid back and fell in love. One had a half a blue eye and not the traditional markings of a Boston. And he fell asleep right there on my chest. He picked us, really. He was named Jay. I could carry him in the palm of my hand. He had no idea how much he'd have a hold of me.

On our way home, we discussed what we would name him, not whether or not we should get him. DB wanted to name him Bevo, after his love for the Texas Longhorns. And that was it. Bevo was going to come home with us in a couple of weeks.

DB couldn't stand to hear him cry alone in the bathroom on his first night home. Since then, he sleeps in the bed with us. Here is his first morning home with us.

Bostons are awesome. Bevo is just such a lover, a character. When he gets older and calms down, I want to be able to take him to hospitals to visit people of all ages with illnesses, just to brighten someones day. I just love my Puppy Love. You will love yours too.

Although we went to a breeder, I definitely feel for pets that need to be rescued. It's so sad to hear that people cannot afford their pets so they're letting them loose on the streets because they think they'd have a better chance of surviving than at a shelter. Please visit your local shelter before heading to a breeder. Save a life. If I take off with www.BeeMWellness.com, I definitely will have some time to devote to saving animals.

Tell me about your pet!


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