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Los Lonely Boys Back in San Francisco

The Los Lonely Boys put on two amazing shows. I wish I had the time to elaborate but I am so thankful Henry is feeling better after his accident last year. His brothers are right, there is no Lonely Boys without him...any of them. The thought of it just breaks my heart. Being with them, hearing their music live and being with the friends and remembering the many unforgettable memories they have brought me, says there's no doubt in my mind that I will continue this 8-9 year-long experience as long as they're the Los Lonely Boys. Below is the set list for the evening. I loved hearing the new songs live, first at the Playspace KFOG and then at The Independent. What an amazing day. Blame It On Love Give a Little More It's Just My Heart Talkin' Don't Walk Away So Sensual (first time live) Can't Slow Down Nobody else Crazy Dream Hollywood Man to Beat Oye Mamacita.  I'm a Man Thank you for my first 'shredded&