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Last Days in Kauai - Day 5 & 6

It's always sad to wake up in Hawaii knowing that you'll soon have to leave this beautiful place.  One thing I won't miss are the bug bites I've been getting. I'm sure they'll miss me. I'm allergic, swell up and scar from them. It's not hot whatsoever. Instead of moping around about the inevitable, I might as well face it and get out of bed and enjoy the time I have with my family. That day we were heading to drop off Shanti and friends at a spot to start their stand-up paddle practice to Hanalei , go to Princeville to pick up a car they had purchased, and then meet the ladies back in Hanalei for the paddling races. With this trip and like our trip to Maui, I almost made it entirely around the island Kauai. We loaded up the cars and headed to the East side. They showed me the area where they used to live, the area I was at early the morning before and even Ben Stiller 's house at one point. I kept Sol company as Shanti and friends got in the water

Kauai - Day 4

Friday in Kauai started very early which I will have to include at another time. I'll just have to leave you hanging... My cousin arrived back at the house after dropping off my nephew at day care, and she finished majority of her work for the day already. We were planning on going to the Grand Hyatt and taking advantage of a spa certificate that she had but in the recent weeks it was misplaced. No biggie to me but she did pay for it and wanted to use it. Instead we went to the Grand Hyatt anyways and laid by the lagoon for awhile. The property is gorgeous. The main entrance will take your breath away. It's like you are looking at an ever-changing painting. I have always had a fascination with hotels and considered getting into the industry, especially when you're working for a property like this! Walking down towards the pool with a slide and running river and the lagoon, you pass its restaurant surrounded by a pond with koi fish. Then we picked our beac

"I'm a Zombie"

I'm sure you've seen it: the Sprint commercial with the zombie.  "Cool, cool, cool, coo, coo." "Whoa, let's not go puttin' labels on people." *His ear falls off* "I'm a zombie." Just look at his facial expression when he says that last line and I crack up every single time. They've been playing it a lot but I still stop what I'm doing to watch it. Oh, it's so great. Even got some acknowledgement from Sprint via Twitter . My roommate actually got me into The Walking Dead earlier this year. The first scene with the little girl zombie was awesome. I finished all the episodes available on Netflix and I can now watch them as they air on Sunday nights. This current season is intense already with only two episodes in. Catch it on AMC on Sunday nights at 9 pm. Who's your favorite character? Mine is Daryl. He's one cool, soft spoken bad ass.


I definitely could be if I turned to the dark side but as I look around my room for my misplaced halo, I know I'm not... all the time. I have a reputation for being somewhat of a hard ass and was called mean after a heated phone call while at the office. I work for a law firm. I write about this because I am who I am and this person doesn't know me very well. I would like to think of myself as someone who gets things done. I've been running a law office with all male lawyers for almost six years, do the work of six separate of employees, plan and coordinate weddings that was ranked as #6 on the most stressful jobs list, and have four other job titles or side gigs on top of that. Another time, another female told me she didn't think I was going to last in my position. Go ahead and doubt me. I have overcome and surpassed so many's expectations. Being called mean just adds fuel to the fire and clearly I'm doing something right. I am stern and straight to t

My Bevo Turns 5!

My Bevo, the Boston Terrier with a Texas name, turned 5 on Monday. He spent it at Happy Hound and with many treats when he got home. This little guy is such a people lover, quite the character, a very good boy, smiles like he's human, is my co-pilot and comforts me when I'm sad or upset. I just love him to pieces.  Happy Birthday to my Puppy Love.

It's Good to be Yelp Elite

I have been Yelping since 2007 when a coworker of mine told me about her Yelp Elite party adventures when I was the Director of Marketing & Promotions at Trader Vic's San Francisco. Since then, I have been a Yelp Elite ever since. I haven't attended many Elite events until recently. Obviously, I have a food and beverage background and appreciate excellent customer service, presentation and a delicious glass of Pinot Noir or champagne. However, I was using Yelp as a way to stay true to ' Real People, Real Reviews .' I like sharing information. It was also a way to network or promote events I was working with. I really miss working in advertising and marketing. So I kept at it. This year, I have opened my eyes to so many new things and welcomed new experiences. Yelp has definitely aided in that by being a place to document some of them.  Being an Elite also has it percs! FREE You gotta love the Yelp Elite events. My first one was at Patxi's in Liver