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The Bad Girls Club & Love Games, Sarah Michaels, IS the Wellness Shot!

I became a fan of the Bad Girls Club when a Season 3 marathon was airing (in 2008, is it?) and I just had the television on while I was doing chores around the house. Every now and then I’d hear “*BEEP* you, you *BEEP*ing *BEEP*!”, some screaming and “This is the Amber Show” do-do-do-do-do-Doo! Eventually I was glued to the screen and not doing chores anymore and spent most of the day laughing and thinking “ohnoshedidn’t!” They were NUTS! I don’t think I could live my life with a camera following me around and for the whole world to see and criticize. But I kept on watching and when fights broke out, my boyfriend would hear the screaming from another room and ask “WHAT are you watching?!?” I am not one for reality television. MTV had it with The Real World with Pedro, Puck, Pam and whoever… when it was in San Francisco. (GO GIANTS!) With all these Big Brother, The Bachelorette and other shows popping up, there were just too many to pick and choose from to watch. And I was never a

Under The Weather - Part 2

So it's almost been 4 whole months since I've been sick. And that's awesome in my book. To NOT be sick for one-third of an entire year is pretty good especially with my track record. I can say I'm not DEAD sick like I was back in June but I am not feeling 100% like I usually am. Perhaps it's the weather. This past weekend was kind of tough to be out in the cold. I had the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk with TEAM LAGADE (my sis, cousin Ron, his son, RJ, and Ron's girlfriend, Mae). We had other members scheduled to join us on the walk but pulled out at the last minute due to not feeling well. But the cause is so important to me that I wanted to go even if it was raining. It was definitely cold at 8 AM in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and a few raindrops got us a little wet but that didn't stop us from walking for our Cousin Natalie and Auntie Virginia. That evening, we had to travel in the rain to Monterey for our aunt's surprise 80th

Oooohhhh, WINSpa - by Jenny

Testimonial from Jennifer N. of Hayward, California on yesterday's spa experience with the WINSpa line available at or . Follow her on Twitter at @jenniferjnieva WinSpa Experience- Sunday, Oct 24, 2010 - San Mateo What better way to spend a rainy Sunday than getting pampered with two of your best friends! This is exactly how I spent my gloomy Sunday afternoon. My friends and I walked in to find the room decked out with an array of strawberries, an assortment of cheeses, and of course champagne and Winrgy. We were greeted by two friendly faces- Bernadette and Vicky, who immediately made us feel at home and relaxed. Each person had their own spa station which included neck warmers that smelled of lavender and completely put us in the spa mood. We were then guided through a regimen of facial products that made our faces feel baby soft! The benefits of each product were explained thoroughly and we were able to laugh, make comments, and as

Making Strides - SF, 10/23/10 -- Sponsors get 20% OFF!!!

It’s only a few days away! TEAM LAGADE will be participating in our 2nd Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 8:30 AM. Please make a tax deductible donation to in ANY amount by the day of the event and I will send you a code for 20% OFF your entire order at . The code will be good until 12/31/10. You can use it towards Christmas presents! Give today and you can give more later. If you can’t make a donation, please get healthy, do home exams, get your mammograms, get educated. Do your part to make it to your next birthday. After this event, all of the cousins will be heading down to Monterey, California for a Hollywood-themed, surprise birthday party for my aunt’s 80th birthday. The American Cancer Society is the official sponsor of birthdays. Let the celebration begin AND continue to next year. Let’s BEAT cancer!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bevo!

My little guy, Bevo, turned 2-years-old today. He's such a good boy. It's amazing how much this guy has affected my and my boyfriend's lives and relationship. What would we do without him? My boyfriend wanted a dog SOOOO bad. I already had a cat and I didn't want her tormented by a dog when it was rightfully her house first. When he would not stop asking, I agreed to look into what kind of dog could cohabitate with Mamas (my cat) and in our condo. I knew a big hairy dog wouldn't work, so we looked at small to medium sized dogs. I didn't want a chihuahua or one that barked all the time. We fell in love with Boston Terriers. They're known as The American Gentleman because they're always dressed for the occasion and such a good companion. My boyfriend did most of the research and I was still reluctant to purchase one when we visited a breeder in the Central Valley. There were two left and they were about 6 weeks old. Being the sucker I am, I imm


HEALTH I had my annual check-up last week and I am happy to say that my LDL level is back to normal! Woohoo! I’ve always been healthy (for the most part) and I was pretty shocked in December when I was told that I had a bit of high cholesterol. I am still a bit Vitamin D deficient and was prescribed some pills that I didn’t want to take. But now I’m taking One a Days until I get some daily vitamins from WIN . But I’m happy about my LDL improvement. I think it’s because I’m hittin’ the gym and taking my Omegas. FITNESS Since my boyfriend is recuperating from his third knee surgery, he’s a bit more motivated to the gym. And I’ve had to sacrifice my schedule just to go with him because he’s not constant with his work outs. So, last night, I had to tell him that I’m going without him. And I went this morning and had a great workout. I can’t wait to go tomorrow morning. I know someone who is on a program that is all cardio. Two hours of cardio a day. Oh my! My sister also completed