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Let's Hike - Briones and Bonehead

2019 Goals , I'm comin' after you!  One of the goals for this year is to get back to hiking once a month. This One Busy Bee and Travel Agent loves exploring new territories and getting a work out in. Then reward myself with a beer and good food, which sadly cancels out the work out. But nonetheless, it's time well spent in my opinion. Trying to be a good granddaughter, I scheduled January's hike around taking my Lola to church. As a social butterfly like me, we were a bit late in getting out of there. Not to mention she had her walker to help her get around, which I nicknamed her skateboard. She thinks I'm silly. She is so right. After dropping her off at home in Martinez and doing a quick wardrobe change, I jumped in my car and headed to Lafayette to meet my roommate, Kim, and my Cuginos, Ron and Angela. Kim has missed doing hikes as she prepared for her Susan G. Komen walk in November and it's nice to do these hikes again with Rongela. We immediately d

The Realest Thing

“ Yes. No. I want. I’m hungry. ” An ex of mine used to say those were the phrases I say most. Today, that still holds true. Show me a new opportunity and I’ll say yes. Tell me to do something that doesn’t benefit me or hurts people, I’ll say no. My whole blog is everything I’ve wanted and gotten. And I even have an Instagram account called @WereHungryToo . I would like to say I am indeed real. My roommate, Kim, and I just happened to have re-watched The Sweetest Thing starring Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate. Kim and I do road trips, go have fun and definitely talk about the boys coming in and out of our lives. We say the same things at exactly the same time and sing the same lines of songs. I asked her, which character was her and which one was I. She claimed she was Cameron Diaz. As the movie went on, I agreed that I was definitely Christina Applegate. I will be the one that says to quit being a p*ssy. I think I have more balls than most men I come across and I’ll tell

OBB Weekly - 1-29-19

Where did this month go?! How are you doing with your 2019 goals ? Thankfully, I am making progress. I hope you are too. Now that the first month of the first year is basically over, how are you going to make 2019 your B*tch? Pardon my French. Here is what's happening in this One Busy Bee's world and links to some articles to hopefully inspire you. TRAVEL This coming Friday, I’ll be headed to Fiji for my first familiarization trip (FAM trip) for a week. We will be staying in a different hotel every single night which will be quite exhausting with activities and meals throughout the week. This is a perfect destination as an Event and Wedding Planner as a destination wedding and honeymoon location. I am also currently researching all-inclusive resorts in Phuket, Thailand and the Maldives. I look forward to reporting back. Follow me on social media at the links below. Have you been wanting to go to these destinations? Think over the water bungalows, beach, sun and re

OBB Weekly - 1-22-19

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King Jr.  Every time you turn on the news, do you feel it's often depressing by the terrible things that people do? Or even reading your social media feed, why do the good people you call friends fall victim to unexplainable acts? Does it make you angry? Sad? Motivated? Our current President wants to exclude and divide, while I have been raised to believe that America loves and accepts all. My parents are immigrants, as majority of us are or are descendants of one. Had they not immigrated and taken advantage of the land of opportunity, I wouldn't be writing with the same perspective today. With yesterday being Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and Oakland-native Kamala Harris announcing her running for President in 2020, it is time to fight back and make changes with love. Heading quickly into the month of love and Valentine&#