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Where did this month go?! How are you doing with your 2019 goals? Thankfully, I am making progress. I hope you are too. Now that the first month of the first year is basically over, how are you going to make 2019 your B*tch? Pardon my French. Here is what's happening in this One Busy Bee's world and links to some articles to hopefully inspire you.

This coming Friday, I’ll be headed to Fiji for my first familiarization trip (FAM trip) for a week. We will be staying in a different hotel every single night which will be quite exhausting with activities and meals throughout the week. This is a perfect destination as an Event and Wedding Planner as a destination wedding and honeymoon location. I am also currently researching all-inclusive resorts in Phuket, Thailand and the Maldives. I look forward to reporting back. Follow me on social media at the links below.

Have you been wanting to go to these destinations? Think over the water bungalows, beach, sun and relaxation. I have read so many articles on studies that employees don’t use all of their earned vacation days. You’ve earned it! Some would rather take the cash value but taking a break is good for you, your family and the company. Everybody needs a minute to recharge. Don’t burn yourself out. Trust me, I’ve done that. Even to the point that I fainted on the airplane when I finally took a vacation. That’s quite a story for another time but don’t let that happen to you. You’re more valuable alive, I assure you. Don’t kill yourself for a company that will inevidentely have to find your replacement. Don’t you know? You’re irreplaceable. There’s only one you!

5 Reasons You Must Use All of Your Vacation Days - VisitCalifornia.com

If you could go anywhere for your honeymoon or a special anniversary, where would you go?
Do you like to relax with beach time and spa treatments? Or do you like to be active?


I am scheduled to take my Napa Valley Wine Certification exam next month and I am NOT ready. I really need to cram this information and have to take it serious. With my 30 or so hours on the plane back and forth to Fiji, I hope to get some good study time in. I elected to take this exam because I had so much fun putting wine tasting itineraries together for my hotel guests as a Concierge. I had a list of wineries I would give them and the desk as tasting fee coupons. Contact me to get yours! I absolutely adore wine country and every time I go up, I say I want to buy property there.

The Winter WINEland event thrown by The Wine Road in Sonoma County was a lot of fun.  I took my dear friend, fellow entrepreneur for ACT Language Schools and North Bay native, Nikki Bannister Taylor. You may have seen her in my previous posts as ‘Nikki B.’  We’ve been friends a long time.

Speaking of a long time, it has been awhile since I wine tasted two days in a row. I believe the last time was for my birthday weekend in Paso Robles in 2016. Nikki and I went to six participating wineries plus Breathless, a woman-owned winery with a woman winemaker specializing in sparkling wine in the traditional method. We started out at Kendall Jackson who had a Chardonnay I actually liked. Not a Chard fan. Then we went to Cast where Nikki knew someone. Their Zinfandels are delicious. Next we went to Ferrari Carano. What a beautiful property. Each location has food and bites. The next day, we enjoyed tasting rooms in downtown Healdsburg by visiting Rockpile, La Crema and Hawley. Shout out to The Wine Road and Hawley for the media support, retweets and re-posts. This blogger is so appreciative!

More on Breatless another time but see this article on the Coppola family. Yay to women in the industry!

Eleanor Coppola: Meet the Matriarch Behind the Movie & Wine Empire - Wineoh.tv

Have you been to an event by The Wine Road?
What do you love about wine?


As I write this, it’s another #MeatlessMonday I am nine months in of partipating and it feels good. People ask if I can tell any difference. Honestly, I can’t in regards to my body but I know even the smallest change is beneficial. One of the differences I can tell is that I CAN do it. There are so many plant-based ways to get your protein and eat a little healthier while helping to save a life and Mother Earth’s resources. See the article below on going Meatless one day a week can help.

Florio, San Francisco

Pabu, San Francisco

Promote Meatless Monday

Have you considered doing Meatless Monday?
How about going vegan?
What is your favorite vegetable?


Beautiful photos from the wedding I did in December are being posted and they’re beautiful! And complete with a rainbow and we’re not even in Hawai’i! As an Event Planner, one thing not to skimp on is your photographer. These photos will be with you forever and something to look back at why you started the long and sometimes hard road of marriage. Plus, you’re spending a nice chunk of change already. Make sure every detail is captured. 

I have two couples that are now divorced but I also have couples that invest in their relationship by listening to podcasts like the Smart Couple and those that are open to counseling. Marriage is a huge commitment and I believe you should put the work in before throwing in the towel. Not to say those couples that are no longer together didn’t, I’m sure they have. I was one of them! If you give it all you can, then you can’t say you haven’t tried. If and when you’re ready to move on, at least you can walk away knowing you did all you can. In the mean time, when times get tough try finding articles like the one below to find help and ideas to pull through. Wishing you the best of luck!

5 Essential Relationship Tips for Power Couples - PureWow.com

Are you and your partner a Power Couple?
What do you do every day to keep the relationship strong?


It’s Day 1 (right?) of bodybuilding.com’s first challenge of the year - #bbccomchallengeseries and I’m in it, along with my running buddy, Nelson, and my girl, Nikki B. (See, she’s all over this blog. Not sure how she feels about that.) As one of my 2019 goals is to get back down to 18% body fat and I have a lot of work to do. I started these challenges when a certain someone was training for their first fitness competition. I joined in with no intentions of competing in a bikini. But the results were me being the best shape of my life. That didn’t mean being super skinny and wearing size 0 jeans like I did when I was younger. The before and after photos were crazy. I didn’t win the prize money but I won the confidence and realization that by eating well, working out and having the support and friends to do with it, you can get results!

So here’s to the next 12 weeks and the additional challenge of keeping up with it with a week in Fiji and two weeks aboard the Golden Princess cruiseship in Australia and New Zealand. I worked out every day while on the Oosterdamn to the Mexican Riviera and didn’t gain a pound. While on my first cruise on the Celebrity Reflection, I gained ten pounds on a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean. Not cute and that is not happening again. I forbid it! 

Want to get fit with me? Let’s do this!

The Only Two Core Exercises You Really Need - Shape Magazine

What are your fitness goals?
How do you stay motivated?
Do you need any help? I would love to!

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