The Realest Thing

Yes. No. I want. I’m hungry.

An ex of mine used to say those were the phrases I say most. Today, that still holds true. Show me a new opportunity and I’ll say yes. Tell me to do something that doesn’t benefit me or hurts people, I’ll say no. My whole blog is everything I’ve wanted and gotten. And I even have an Instagram account called @WereHungryToo. I would like to say I am indeed real.

My roommate, Kim, and I just happened to have re-watched The Sweetest Thing starring Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate. Kim and I do road trips, go have fun and definitely talk about the boys coming in and out of our lives. We say the same things at exactly the same time and sing the same lines of songs. I asked her, which character was her and which one was I. She claimed she was Cameron Diaz. As the movie went on, I agreed that I was definitely Christina Applegate. I will be the one that says to quit being a p*ssy. I think I have more balls than most men I come across and I’ll tell you how it is.

I respect people that can be completely honest with me even though the truth may hurt me. What people don’t realize is that you may think you’re saving someone’s feelings or an argument but what you’re really doing is not giving them all the facts to deal with the pain ONCE. The offender may also fear that the other person will make a decision based on the truth that doesn’t benefit them. Well guess what? If you made the decision to lie to them, they have the same right to make whatever decision at any given moment. Including ask questions to fully understand your deception.

This post stems from statements that have come out of my mouth at one moment and then quickly realizing that that isn’t me. I said “I’m going to milk it.” I briefly thought about using the situation to my benefit until there wasn’t anything left. I could do that, but the thought of it makes me feel dirty, not a good human, it’s not me and I’d hate for someone ‘milk’ me for all I got. Moooooo.

I decided to not go milking and have an honest discussion instead with some info I discovered. I’ll let you know how that pans out. But other instances of when this occurred was with the last guy I dated. Oh yes, him. We dated on and off over two years about four or five years ago. Back then, he made good money as he does now, had the nice cars, said he’d buy me this and that. I never cashed in. I don’t need your money, TMM aka The Mystery Man. I got my own. You can’t buy loyalty, love and respect. So TMM came around again with the ‘oh, I’ll spoil and love you like no other’ proposals filled my head on the daily. Questioning whether this actually pans out this time, I thought, 'Eh, I'll milk it.' We would go shopping and went to the mall in Marin. He was going to buy me my first pair of Louboutins. The Neiman Marcus location didn’t have any but he gave me the go ahead to buy two pairs of shoes of my choosing. I browsed as my gorgeous Dream Man was on a conference call. I didn’t even try anything on. There were tons of beautiful shoes I would have loved to take home with me but I didn’t even bother. I didn’t want shoes. I wanted something he couldn’t offer. No milking was done. I couldn't do it! But man, I could have really enjoyed them as a parting gift.

But! In case you want to buy me a pair, I’m a size 6.

Will also take these in red. Please and thank you.

Thank you for reading. I hope this encourages you to be real. Real with yourself. Real with those you say you love. And real with every human you come across. Just put that positive energy in the universe and you will be rewarded. I am lucky to have wonderful friends like these. This is real.

Las Vegas 2017 with Christy

L.E. Winery with my #Instafriend in their private tasting room

L.E. Winery again with Nikki B.

Oakland Zoo in the gondolas with my nieces

Nelly & I at The Game 95.7 live airing at Schroeder's in SF.
Let's be real here. If we're going to be friends, we'll be drinking a lot of wine, having tons of adventures and I will even accept you, even if you're a Raider fan.

Jewelry by Stella & Dot


  1. You want to be real? I'm about to get real with you, girl. You just posted about not milking a guy who cheated on his wife with you. Who does that? Why brag about not using a guy for Louboutins? As someone who has double digit pairs of Loubs and over 100 pairs of designer shoes, I NEVER once considered having anyone buy them for me. I bought them for and by MYSELF. You talk about being a girl boss, well, girl bosses don't brag about manipulating men into buy things for them, they go out and buy it for themselves. Girl bosses are too busy out there making money and closing deals, not bragging about stupid shit on blogs.

    And while we're on the subject of bragging, stop using the hashtag, #startuplife. I've worked at tech startups for over 10+ years and no one I've worked with has ever used that hashtag. You seem new to this industry, so let me educate you on some etiquette. About 75% of the Bay Area work at start ups, so you're not anything special. You don't even work for a unicorn. Maybe you think working at a start up makes you feel special among your circle of friends, but they laugh behind your back at your attempt to be relevant. Your constant bragging about working at a start up is annoying. You're like the new kid at school who keeps bragging about their shiny new folder, when everyone else has the SAME shiny folder.

    Now that's "The Realest Thing".

  2. Hey, thanks for reading, A. Have a great day.

    1. Thanks, hon, I will! I'll continue laughing at your attempts to be relevant! You want people to advertise on your joke of a blog? Maybe you should start by fixing your misspelled words, run-on sentences, and the grammatical errors on your blog.

      People in your circle of "friends" know that your constant boasting is you, trying to make up for your low self confidence/esteem. You just blogged about being blunt and honest and you can't even take the criticism yourself. Hypocrite.

      *This "hater" is strutting away with one of my many pairs of Loubs/YSL/Balenciaga/Choo/MiuMiu , etc, heels that I bought for myself, sweetie. I don't need a man to buy me anything*


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